12 Monitor Computers: The Benefits of Multi-Monitor Usage

Multi-Monitor refers to the use of multiple displays for a single computer system. These


setups are a great way to improve productivity, and accessibility to these systems is increasing as prices are becoming more consumer-friendly. It is becoming more common to see professionals using these systems inside and outside of the office. For work or for play, the benefits of using a multi-monitor system can help you be more productive in less time. Let us look at some of the benefits of using a multi-screen setup, whether you are interested in a dual monitor system or perhaps a larger, 12 monitor computer.

Having a dual or 12 monitor computer allows you to quickly view documents and images side by side for comparison, which can become tedious with a single display. This is not a new concept for many professions, including graphic designers, engineers, and architects. Today, multiple monitor systems are utilized by a larger variety of professionals such as day traders, audio/video editors, web developers, researchers, and more. These systems are also common amongst the medical community, security teams, and software developers, to name just a few.

One benefit of a multi-monitor system is that it encourages the idea of paperless records by allowing information to be more readily accessible. Multi-tasking has never been so easy! Professionals, students, and every computer user can benefit from the increased productivity that a multiple monitor system provides. In addition to enhanced document viewing accessibility, some added benefits of using a 12 monitor computer include: ease of document editing and researching sources of information, ability to work on multiple monitors while other data can be easily viewed without interruption, ability to enlarge data onto multiple screens, save energy by only running one computer system, panoramic
view capability, and much more.

The easiest way to setup a 12 monitor computer is to purchase a multi-monitor ready computer. Your current system may require additional video cards for maximum compatibility. You may also add an extra monitor to your PC by using a USB to VGA Monitor Adapter. The monitors used for multi-monitor computers can be various sizes and types (LCD or CRT). The operating system manages the monitors’ video resolutions independently. Video cards are typically connected to a monitor, either LCD or CRT,
but they are increasingly being connected to projection equipment and/or television displays. As a result, manufacturers have developed video cards that can connect to several types of displays, using the appropriate interface.

The 12 monitor computers available at multi-monitors.com are mounted vertically and horizontally (3 x 4 LCDs). The monitor display is configured with the screens mounted on three slightly bent horizontal bars that each hold four monitors stacked on each other. These monitors are available in regular aspect or widescreen, for ultimate customization for your needs. The display is intended for use with a powerful computer system that is capable of supporting twelve monitors. Please contact a sales specialist to review the recommended software and hardware to maximally support this type of display.