3 Monitor Array and 3 Monitors

Maxi vista for Windows along with Screen Recycler for Mac OS X, will allow you to set up the 3 monitor array PC by virtual display drivers and software installed on client side. In the same way Input director and synergy software gives permission to you to use the multiple PCs with their own monitor. You may switch from one screen to other as they were on the same machine.  This procedure allows machines to make the maximum use of all resources available.


Another and different method to 3 monitor array systems built using the 3 monitors of
networked personal computers to output of the central PC. By the use of graphics cards the
performance of networked PCs may be increased.

The 3 monitor array includes of black LCD 3 monitors of Dell E170S 17″ inch brand in 4:3
ratio are kept in a horizontal row to a 3 monitor desk stand. Your work performance may be increased by 3 fold by the use of 3 monitor array systems, which also leads to minimum eye fatigue. The Dell and Samsung monitors have soothing aesthetic. The 3 monitors details of LG and Samsung with 3 monitor array systems are listed on http://www.multi-monitors.com with technical specification. Mostly the Normal Configuration of
these systems remains as 24″ monitors, having weights to 20 lbs. Each monitor with 75x75mm VESA compatible along with Base measures of 16″ wide x 10″ deep are used. They have the ability to add up to two more monitors. The prices for 3 monitors array range from $ 789.99 to $999.99.