3 Monitors: Too Many for the Average Computer User?

The short answer is no, there are many benefits to using a multiple monitor system for either the computer savvy or the casual user. Let me describe some of the ways that any


user can benefit from using 3 monitors with their personal computer system. This technology was once exclusive only to professionals, mainly of the science and business worlds. However, now that the technology has become more affordable and widespread, there are many benefits that the professional and casual computer user alike can benefit from.


Whether you are creating a report to present at the next board meeting or a student collecting data for an oral presentation, having 3 monitors to work with reduces time and errors dramatically. Any user will be more efficient by having the ability to view multiple documents simultaneously. This eliminates the need to reopen or resize documents repeatedly, wasting time and increasing the chance of error.  Multitasking has never been so easy!

Cost Effective

By running 3 monitors on one computer, the user can save on both equipment and electricity costs of running another computer. This method also saves precious space in your home or office. When editing or sourcing documents, this also dramatically cuts down on the necessity to reprint documents. By printing less or not at all, the user saves time and money on valuable printing supplies that can be used for more important tasks.


Having access to more files at once via 3 monitors allows the user to create an environment more conducive to creative control. Profession photographers and video editors are just two of the extensive amount of creative professionals that enjoy the ability to compare and view multiple projects at once to maximize quality and reduce time completing simple tasks.


Enjoy computer games or just viewing digital photographs online? Having 3 monitors with panoramic capability can make these hobbies more enjoyable and user-friendly. You also have the ability to open a video on one monitor and continue working. This feature makes it effortless to multitask while enjoying the things you love, easier.

Ready to learn more? There are a couple of things to keep in mind when considering any multiple monitor system: hardware and software. Your current video cards may need to be upgraded or expanded to allow for the maximum performance possible. Additionally, system settings and additional upgrades within your operating system may be necessary to help both maximize your experience and eliminate frustrating system crashes. When shopping for 3 monitors for your personal computer system, be sure to do some research beforehand and then consult with your sales representative to be certain
that your computer is optimized for the best display and overall performance possible. Once everything is setup correctly, I am certain that you will be completely satisfied with your upgrade, and wonder how you ever got anything done on a single monitor!