4 Monitor Array: How to Get a Multi-Monitor setup for Your Office

Regardless of what type of work you do, you can benefit from the increased productivity that comes along with using a multi-monitor setup at work when using your computer. The ability to expand your workspace across multiple screens allows you better access to


editing files and documents, monitoring email, or simply running several applications at once without having to switch back and forth. Perhaps you have a 4 monitor array at home that you are comfortable using, and would like to have the same accessibility to your computer at work. If you are concerned about discussing the upgrade with your
boss or manager, allow me to share some suggestions to help you build your case.

A simple way to begin expanding your workspace is to possibly find an unused monitor collecting dust in the office. Ask your boss/manager if you can use that one. If you simply ask if you may use an extra monitor without offering a solution, you are likely to get shut down immediately. If your office has several unused monitors lying around, you will be able to customize your space with a 4 monitor array using this method in no time! If you meet resistance with this method, be sure to inform him or her of the fact that more desktop “real-estate” improves productivity. Additional space equals increased

You may also suggest that multiple, smaller monitors are cheaper that a larger unit. If this becomes a cost issue, you can compare the prices of smaller monitors required for a 4 monitor array to the cost of one larger monitor that covers equal area. The multi-monitor setup will, indeed, save time and money both in the short and long terms.

Another approach may be to offer a “trial run.” Are employees actually more productive with more work space? Be able to demonstrate the benefits of saving time by not having to constantly open/close/maximize/minimize projects. It is also helpful if your boss can directly see the benefits for themselves.  Maybe a 4 monitor array for the boss, too?

Look the part. If you are seated in a prominent location where you come into contact with clients or customers, a multi-monitor setup portrays a business that efficient and ahead of the times. On top of actually increasing your productivity, a 4 monitor array also gives your business an edge by building confidence with your clientele.

You could also request an additional computer to complete all of your tasks more efficiently. Since this option would be more costly than a multiple-monitor setup, you may have some bargaining room with this request, depending on your company. Obviously, this method would work best with a larger corporation with more resources for supplies. Bonus points if you are into day trading or a similar profession where your superior would feel the importance of such an upgrade.

Use any of these suggestions at your own risk. Preferably discuss any options where more equipment is required when you know that your company is ahead financially, to avoid maximal frustration from superiors. When planned correctly, I believe your company will see the benefits of using a 4 monitor array to increase productivity and give their employees an extra edge.