8 Monitor Computer

When you run a business, your goal is to make a profit by offering a good or service in exchange for currency, right?  Well there are other ways to make a profit as well.  There’s an old cliché that goes, “a penny saved is a penny earned. “   This is especially true in


business, where one of your main focuses should be on not just on making money, but also figuring out how to save the company money.  Some of the most brilliant CEOs and CFOs in history were able to take good businesses and turn them into great businesses by doing just that, saving the company a small fortune in waste.  If told you that by using an 8 monitor computer, you could save your company a small fortune, would you be read to jump in and stop using your old single monitor computer?  I’d like to hope so.

So what makes an 8 monitor computer so great, you ask?   And even more important, how will using an 8 monitor computer save your company money?  Well it’s a very simple concept actually.  Everyone knows that time wasted at work costs the company money.  In fact, there have been a number of drives in recent years to explain to workers how stealing company time is just as bad as stealing company products.  Well, your employees may be stealing your time and you don’t even know it.  Employees working with only single monitors are extremely inefficient, but not because they choose to be, but because of the way the system is designed.  When you run multiple applications throughout the day you naturally waste time switching back and forth between programs, when you could be working on something solid all day long.  Think of it this way, if you had multiple documents laid out on a table in front of you, and you’re trying to find a different document every few minutes, how much time would waste searching for the appropriate one?  It’s tough to swallow for some people because we get use to using the same system and have a tough time adapting to a new one.

One business that I helped set up an 8 monitor computer had a funny anecdote about this topic.  The owner of this business said that one day he was sitting and watching his employees work and noticed how frequently they seemed to be moving their mouse around, without actually clicking.  They were constantly looking for the right window to the right program so that they could perform their job they way they were supposed to perform it.   He could not help but think about how much time was actually being wasted.  Just doing a little math in his head, he decided that each employee wasted 15 seconds out of every minute.  So essentially he was paying them for 25 percent more work than was actually being done.  Now that is a crazy amount of work waste!  So how did he sold the problem?  Simple, he was able to install an 8 monitor computer system for each of his employees that reduced work waste.  Once he did, he noticed that the problem seemed to dissipate rapidly.  Productivity was up and employees were happier.

Another company that we worked with noticed something similar.  The personnel manager though, “there has to be a more efficient way to do things around here.  He installed special software to track the employee’s mouse movements to see how much work was being done versus a lot of mouse movement, but no real productivity.  He was surprised to find that around 12 percent of their mouse movements have no real bearing on work or productivity, but rather they were searching for the correct program to use.  Astonished by what he discovered he started looking for ways to help with this and stumbled upon an article that talked about how having a multiple monitor computer could improve overall productivity at work, while reducing waste.  He decided it was worth a shot and bought several dual monitor computer systems for some of the better employees.  Again he used a mouse tracking software that was able to tell him how much time was actually being wasted.  Astonished again by the results, he discovered that the wastefulness had been cut from 12 percent to about 4 percent, a improvement of around 60 percent total.  Astonished by the results, he proceeded to upgrade more computers in the office.  He upgraded some to 3 monitor computer systems and other to four monitor computers.  However, in his office he actually decided to use an 8 monitor computer so that he’d be better able to track what was going on with the rest of his employees.

One final story and this one is about a man named Frank that runs a Forex community online.  Part of his job was being able to provide good information at a rapid pace to his subscribers.  He prides himself on being one of the best in the business.  His forum is not cheap to join because he helps make millionaires, by providing good information in really time.  His subscribers gladly pay money to be part of his community because it’s well known that he’s one of the best in the business.  Frank, however, had a problem.  He was using a dual monitor computer system to try and track multiple graphs, charts and more and then relay that information to his subscribers.  It wasn’t working very well.  By the time he was able to translate the data and get it over to his subscribers, a lot of the time it meant missing out on key trades.  Frank needed a better system.  He decided to try using a 4 monitor computer system (he felt like an 8 monitor computer system would be too much) and was very pleased with results.  He can now keep graphs and charts that are pertinent open in a separate monitor and as key trades come he’s able to very quickly relay this information to his customers.

Hopefully the above stories will give you a better idea of how using a multiple monitor computer can help save your company time and money.  An 8 monitor computer is a great addition to your office.  It provides an excellent addition to your already powerful tools that will allow you to be more productive and spend less time trying to figure out what you want to do and more time doing it.  You will be able to better apply your skills to your business, without worrying about which window you should have open!