A Review of a Popular Dual Monitor Stand

You already know that dual monitor systems increase both productivity and ease of use when working with multiple windows at once. While some dual monitor users use the original stands for each respective monitor, most will find they prefer a custom dual monitor stand for maximal performance. After trying several stands throughout the years as well as receiving feedback from other users, I am here to discuss several aspects of one of the most popular models of dual monitor stands on the market. I hope that I can provide some insight to potential users seeking opinions on this stand. With that being said, let’s take a look at the stand.


Vertical Dual Monitor Stand  

When I first started using a dual monitor system, I felt like the monitors were way too low on my desk. It was distracting, to say the least, when I felt like I was literally looking down at them all day long. This also led me to have concerns about my posture and potential neck aches. I decided that I needed to elevate the monitors in a safe, sturdy way. I knew that I needed a clamp that I could mount to my desk, and I decided to try a dual monitor stand from multi-monitors.com. I found a good deal and was ready to try the new setup for under $200.

The mount attaches to the desk using a very robust-looking “C-clamp.” The clamp is the first thing to be assembled when you receive the stand. It’s also worth noting that the clamp has three adjustable height settings, so you do have some wiggle room to account for different desk designs and varying heights. I found that adjusting the mount was super easy. There are also a couple of bolts with metal “feet” that hold the stand down onto your desktop. They attach directly to the clamp and squeeze securely to the bottom of your desktop.

After getting all the pieces in place, I was able to get my monitors so close together that they touch, and I was also able to center them like I wanted them. However, it would be easy to position them differently on a desktop to make room for paperwork or other electronics that may need to share your workspace. For a tall guy like me, I wish that I could have been able to raise the monitors another few inches, but then again my desk is not exactly a common setup. I feel like most users will find a setting that will work for them with this stand.

In conclusion, I felt like this stand was a good buy for under $200. I think it would satisfy most people’s needs with dual monitor computing. Sure, there are more expensive mounts out there, but this one serves its purpose for someone on a budget. I found the setup to continuously be extremely stable, durable, and relatively hassle-free. I am also sure that most buyers will not be bothered by the minimal amount of construction needed once the set arrives. If you have any experience with IKEA furniture, I can promise you that this setup is way easier than anything you assemble from IKEA! Overall, I would recommend the multi-monitors.com model to the average dual monitor user who wants a good deal with no headaches involved in the setup or continued use of the product.