A Video Wall Setup with Super PC’s Xtreme4vs

The standalone solution for your video wall is a Super PC Xtreme4vs (currently only available in the US

ATI Multiple Monitors Flight Simulator Video Wall Display
ATI Multiple Monitors Flight Simulator Video Wall Display
through Multi-Monitors.com) because it accepts single DVI-D or HDMI or dual link DVI inputs. So what does that technical mumbo-jumbo mean to you? It means flexibility and that’s the key to bring four output monitors to display what you need. And even more importantly, the out puts can be either DVI (digital) or analog.
Another really great feature of the Xtreme4vs is that the out resolution frame rate doesn’t need to be related to that of the input- Xtreme4vs will automatically (optionally) upscale and frame rate convert cropped regions of your original. You can also mirror and rotate the original file to create mixes of landscape and portrait arrays.
The Xtreme4vs also supports full bezel width and height correction, which means it is absolutely perfect for use with blending edge projectors. It can create the illusion of a single screen image on multiple screens, which is absolutely perfect for many applications. You’ll be amazed at how well this will work for you for your video wall project, as it’s absolutely stunning.
As mentioned previously, the only place you can purchase the Xtreme4vs is through multi-monitors.com, but don’t worry- they have it priced to go, so you’ll be saving a fortune. Also multi-monitors.com is staffed with some of the sharpest industry experts on multiple monitor computers. Give them a call and check out what you can do with your video wall project!