Are You Trying to Setup a Wall Display?

If you’ve been considering setting up a wall display then you aren’t alone.  In fact, as a method of both knowledge and advertising, it’s become quite popular.  There are several ways to do this- one of them is by using a wall display controller, powered by VigiControl  Video/Data Wall Controller Software.    This powerful software makes connecting multiple monitors easy and controlling them through a LAN which is connected to a VigiControl Client a piece of cake.


There are some features of VigiControl Video and Data Wall Controller Software which include being able to control stand Windows application programs, such as layout and positioning- this is particularly important when you are working with large displays.  Another feature I like being able to control video capture, along with XtremeRGB windows properties.

The screen ordering utility makes getting your images in order extremely easy, and combined with VigiControl’s powerful Bezel Masking, it really makes a difference on alignment.  Of course since, VigiControl displays the desktop of the Video Wall Server being controlled organizing your computer application windows is a piece of cake.  Add that you can do this remotely and it means that you can send your display to a trade show and control the action from your office.  Trust me, this is a huge advantage over the typical setup.  If you install the video access software on other computers on your network, they will also have access to your video access control server.

VigiControl can also help you avoid video gaps which may make images look strange.  The idea behind reducing these gaps is spreading the image across the breaks so that the gaps are reduced and the image is preserved.

This software also helps with the function that allows you to split GGB and DVI captured windows so that you can crop and separately scale each window.   The cropping can then be done for subbed windows individually.  You can do this with up to 16 sub windows.  One area where this is commonly used in the security industry because it allows multiple views organized the way you need to organize them.

Cost of VigiControl Video and Data Wall Controller Software is pretty reasonable, considering its complete capabilities.   Retail you will pay over $1,299, but if you buy from you can purchase it for just under $1100 (a $200 savings.)