Benefits of Using Multi-Screen Arrays

While there are quite a few benefits to using a multi-screen array for your work project, I’m just going to list a couple which should be some of your top considerations if you are considering purchasing a dual screen array.  Number one is your ability to increase you multi-tasking capabilities.  Using multi screen arrays are typical for professionals that need

to keep a constant eye on their screen for updates such as stock changes, currency fluctuations, overall traffic movement or even just email, all while working on additional projects.  Using a dual-screen array makes this possible.  While I will be the first to admit that having 3 or more monitors is definitely only going to increase your productivity, having at least 2 will certainly help.  And yes, it’s true- you can connect up to 12 monitors (and with the right equipment even more) to the same computer.

Configuration is one of the key aspects to consider when setting up your multiple monitor computers, especially if you are a day trader.  Using the right amount of RAM, the right processor, the right video card(s) are all going to be imperative.  But don’t forget the monitors you’re going to use either.  I highly recommend making sure you get something at least 22 inches or more and that have a screen resolution of at least 1080p (which is the highest available at the time of writing this article. )  There are a few different types of monitors available, but my personal favorite is the LED monitor because of its high resolution, low energy usage and light weight.

If you have employees, than it may be time to start considering a multiple monitor computer system for them as well.  You could be costing your company thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars every year, by simply not allowing your employees to reach their maximum potential with a multiple monitor computer system.  Just think of it this way, if every employee wastes 6 minutes a day (the national average) switching back and forth between applications and you have 10 employees- you are losing 60 minutes a day, and a full WEEK of work for absolutely no reason what so ever.  Yes! 40 hours a week WASTED.

So what kinds of professionals like to use multiple monitor computer systems?  Well the answer is all kinds.  Accountants, writers, designers, video editors and more all have begun to switch to a multiple monitor computer system.  And that’s just the tip of the ice berg.  We hear and see day traders using day trading computer systems the most, but that’s only because  they are often featured in entrepreneurial magazines and works- with pictures of their day trading computer systems.  It doesn’t mean that they are the only people that are or should be using multiple monitor computer systems.  The average Joe can find just as much use for a multiple monitor array as a stock or forex trader.  In fact, I just installed 2 extra monitors for my mother the teacher, in an effort to help her more effectively grade papers, write and do various other bits of work.

In closing, if you are considering a multiple monitor computer system, there is a good chance that you find a slew of amazing benefits.  Don’t be afraid to branch out, and certainly don’t be afraid to spend a little money getting the system you really want.  There are tons of great computer systems out there, but only one is exactly what you have been looking for.

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