Biggest Monitor – The NEC Ultrathin Bezel 2x2x46 LCD Multi-Monitor Wall 92 Inch Screen

The Biggest Monitor is the NEC Ultrathin Bezel 2x2x46 LCD Multi-Monitor Wall 92 inch screen. It is a beautiful piece of machinery that uses an ultra-narrow bezel which allows for next to nothing, 7.3 mm
between screens. Believe it or not, this is almost a 450% improvement from NEC’s previous biggest monitor which had 33 mm in between screens, WHOA! If you’re looking for the biggest monitor for your digital signage display or for some type of broadcast application, then this is an excellent choice. It’s worth noting that this can be part of a 10×10 display (totally 100 monitors) and creating a total area of around 645 sq. ft. Now that’s a big monitor. But because of the ultra small bezel, it actually appears to be one homogenous picture across the entire matrix.
When you purchase NEC products, you know that you’re going to get professional grade LCD components, including extremely high quality LCD panels. This means lasting performance. NEC also employs their very own TileMatrix technology that allows you to link 100 display units, practically seamlessly, including built in expansion slots. If you’re buying the biggest monitor from NEC you optionally can use NEC’s display wall calibrator, which allows the user to automatically adjust all of your display units used in the video wall so that their color characteristics will match more closely. Many people this feature extremely useful, especially when they’re trying to setup the biggest monitor.
Ambibright is another trademark feature from NEC that allows you to adjust backlight on your biggest monitor to compensate for ambient lighting conditions. This is great, as it allows the monitor to enter a power-saving mode as ambient light falls (to a predetermined level that you set prior.) So, for example, you could have the biggest monitor drop its power when you turn off your office lights. This could result in huge savings.
One key feature that you must consider with your biggest monitor is super fast response times, so that full motion video is uninterrupted. The last thing that you want in your video is blurring or ghosting. This creates an ugly visual effect that could potentially ruin a stunning display. It’s especially important with streaming web video. The NEC Ultrathin Bezel 2x2x46 LCD Multi-Monitor Wall 92 inch Screen delivers as many as 250 frames per second, so this isn’t a problem with this biggest monitor.
If you’ve been consider, what is the biggest monitor, the NEC ultrathin bezel 2x2x46 is not only the biggest, but it provides some of the highest quality that you can buy. NEC is known for products that last the test of time and do what they are supposed to do. This product can be purchased at If you’re not sure if this is the biggest monitor for you, then give the guys at a call. They will help you select the absolute best product for your particular situation.