Building a Computer That Runs 6 Monitors

In demand these days:  a computer that can outperform and out last computers of old.  But

also important- running multiple monitors- a computer that runs 6 monitors.  Why?  There are dozens of great reasons, but for time and succinctness we’ll stick to some of the main points.

Efficiency:  being able to multi task is absolutely key to being productive.  But your computer system should allow you to do more than just multitask.  You should be able to run a variety of programs at normal speeds without any problems.

Space:  using a multiple monitor stand, you can build a computer that runs six monitors, yet doesn’t hog all of your work space.  There are a variety of arrangements that make this possible and you should limit yourself to a strictly horizontal computer system.   Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Balance:  You should be able to more efficiently balance your workload when using a computer that runs 6 monitors.   Each monitor can have a specific purpose, making it easier for you do things efficiently.

So what’s required to build a computer that runs six monitors?  It’s actually probably easier than you think.  Using three video cards with 2 DVI outputs each is the start.  The only thing you’re really going to want to watch out for is making sure that both your processor and RAM are also up to par.  I personally would use anything less than an Intel i7 and a 8 GBs of RAM.  Don’t be cheap with this part.

I also suggest sticking with Dell or Samsung monitors, as I’ve had great experience with these in the past.  Use something 1080p- no less.  Good luck with your endeavor, you’re going to love your 6 monitor computer system.