Buy a Dual Monitor Array

Practically everyone has a dual monitor array, but you want to buy one now.  So where do you go and what do you need?  Well first and foremost let’s talk about what a dual monitor

array actually is.  Defined,  a dual monitor array is 2 monitors connected to a single computer system.  While it is possible to add considerably more monitors to a single computer, dual monitors arrays have 2 monitors.  Often time 1 or more video cards are use to accomplish this.

So where do you buy a dual monitor array?  You can use a specialty company like (aka or you can attempt to build one yourself.  I personally recommend that you use a specialty company as you are less likely to mess something up and you can have it custom built to your specifications.

So what are the different configurations of dual monitor array?  Well there are a couple of arrangements you can consider.  Depending on your setup, you’ll have to determine which one  actually best suits your needs.  The first is the vertical arrangement where 2 monitors appear to be stacked on each other.  The secret behind this arrangement is of course a stand which prevents the monitors from falling over.  The second arrangement is the horizontal arrangement where the monitors appear side by side.  This tends to be the most popular, assuming that you have the desk space to make it work.

Good luck on your question to purchase a dual monitor array.