Choosing the Correct Furniture for Your Multiple Monitor Setup

If you’ve decided to upgrade your office computer to a multiple monitor computer setup, then you’ve made a wise decision.  Using multiple monitors is a simple way to increase your overall productivity during the day, and should help alleviate some of the stress associated with your workday.  This isn’t just an opinion it’s actually fact.  A study done at the University of Utah noted that an average worker could save hours each week simply by using multiple screens.  That’s probably why using multiple screens has become so popular in offices around the globe.  However, one thing that it seems offices managers and owners have overlooked has been the necessary furniture needed to setup their offices in the most efficient manner.    Much like with TV stands and other specialized furniture, there is a whole unique market for multiple monitor computer system furniture.   In this article we’re going to attempt to examine the specifics of this furniture and try to determine what makes it better than the typical desk setup.

One desk design that sticks out my mind is called the “Big-Little Desk” and it’s specifically designed to conserve space even with a multiple monitor setup.  There are a couple of things that stand out to me about this desk.  It is designed as a dual-surface desk so that you can maximize what may be limited space within your office, but it’s still big enough to hold up to 3 monitors.  Because it has dual surfaces though, you won’t lose any of the precious extra desk space.  For a desk that 72” wide, you’ll really feel like you’re gaining a lot of space.  Another nice thing about a desk with this width is that you can comfortably seat up to 2 people, which will be nice for any projects that you may be working on that involve more than just yourself.  It’s also worth noting that this particular desk is not difficult to assemble and you should easily be able to do this yourself with only the basic instructions that are included.

The multiple monitor twin bridge desk has a couple of key features that will help you setup your multiple computer in the most efficient manner possible.  There is a wide-open space in the middle that is perfect for either one extra large display such as large LCD HDTV or just additional workspace.  But the real beauty of this system is that it has twin bridges on either side for your monitors, making jobs such as editing a breeze.  This desktop is about 29-inches high, giving you plenty of legroom to go along with the extra elbowroom it already provides.  This is a popular model of desk that’s used by both Major League Baseball and the U.S. Air Force alike.  Film companies such as Lucas Film LTD and Disney also purchased this desk.

The encompass-2 Throng workstation is another popular desk that’s used by security professionals all over the glob.  It’s “U” shape offers 180 degrees of viewing making it easy to monitor multiple areas at once with one or more people working.  The desks can also be organized in multiple arrangements so that more than one can be setup in any given area, making monitoring a large area as well.

If you have a control room that you’re trying to monitor, the Sight Line Cornor Console.  This particular design is unique because its ergonomic design makes managing multiple screens easier than ever.  Both military and private sector security can appreciate this design, as it’s made to easily manage multiple areas.  It’s a great console for security control rooms, as 2 employees can easily see multiple areas and work together to keep any area secure.

Having the correct type of office furniture to use in tandem with your multiple monitor computer system will make having a multiple monitor computer system easier to use and improve your overall efficiency, while maximizing the limited space that you may have available.