Common Uses for Multiple Monitors and Video Walls

Common Uses for Multiple Monitors and Video Walls


Preparation is fundamental in nearly every profession, but especially in the security industry.  Having the right equipment for this industry in particular is absolutely essential. It is indeed the right equipment that will enhance your work. A multiple monitor video wall unit is very a useful tool that security professionals have begun to utilize. Video walls enable security professionals to insure all sections of the premises are well monitored and allow security pros to monitor the happenings in real time.


They can be mounted on a wall or setup using special stands and mounted to tables. There are quite a few alternatives when it comes to video walls. There are a number of size combinations for example the 2×2, 4×4, and 3×3. These grids have finite number of monitors. You can have these sizes customized as per your security needs. The customization aspect makes it easier to work with.


Video walls are typically comprised of multiple monitors that are normally mounted side by side to form a single unit. This unit can be vary greatly in size, with some video walls being literally as big as a small home. Those monitors used to create video walls have a small bezel- which now days is often on a few millimetres in size (the inactive part of the screen that looks like a frame is called the bezel.) These screens create what appears to be a seamless picture.  From that set, each screen displays only a section of the whole video.


Video walls were very expensive until recently. However, the cost has been reduced significantly. This has been attributed to the fact that the technology has improved and become cheaper. In addition to buying a video wall for your company, renting is now an option for the video walls as well. One advantage to renting a video wall for your event is that you need little technical knowledge, as the rental most likely includes setup before and breakdown after your event. This may be a good option if you don’t think you’ll be using your video wall frequently. Another reason to opt for video walls on a rental basis is because you will have access to the newest and best video screens on the market.

Another major reason companies have begun using video walls for their displays is the interactive aspect, boosting the attention span of busy clients by providing powerful imagery and stunning, high impact wording.   This means it’s significantly easier to grab the attention of your potential clients, whether you are at a trade show or in your office.