Cyber Trading University: Sharpen Your Skills or Steal Your Wallet?

A popular and somewhat well known online market trading school called Cyber Trading University has popped up over the past few years and as these types of training tend to grow in popularity, a lot of questions come up, such, “Is it worth the money?” and more importantly, “Is it a scam?”  In this article we’ll go over some of the basics that anyone considering signing up (however remote the possibility of you signing up may be” and we’ll discuss some of the positives and the negatives of Cyber Trading University, including some authentic reviews of people that have actually taken the course.

Before we dive into the reviews, here’s a little bit of information about Cyber Trading University (or CTU as it’s sometimes called.)  In 1995, the early days of the Internet, a man by the name of Fausto Pugliese started organizing and teaching the years of knowledge that he accumulated from 1987 to present.  The thing that makes Mr. Pugliese unique is that he was one of the original “SOES bandits,” one of the first guys that had access to direct access-trading technology.  Because of this, many in the industry already follow his lead.

Pugliese started being flooded with phone calls and emails over the years and he began to become overwhelmed with requests for help.  As a result, in 1995 he decided to start CTU.  The end result has been thousands of investors nation wide taking his courses.  Additionally, according to CTU, many of the investors that take one or more courses end up coming back for continued education.

So what does CTU offer?  They actually have a wide range of products, courses and seminars designed for various levels, including some free workshops and courses that cost around $400 a month.  In addition they have several DVD sets that cover topics like trading strategies and FOREX.

The real question is, “Do these courses and strategies live up to expectations?”  The best way to find the answer to that question is to find real and honest reviews (not just the positive testimonials found on the CTU website.  One such review reads as follows:

I signed up for the online course a couple of years ago. The initial webinar was free. I then negotiated a half price offer for the next level course, which I believe was the intermediate course. You had the ability to retake the courses anytime they were offered for no additional charge. I’m not sure about how the DVD’s work…..I don’t believe they had them then.

My reason for taking the course was to learn about Level II trading and how it worked. The course did do that. However, like many other courses offered on the internet……they usually offer a little bit of learning with alot of marketing. Every one of his courses seems designed to get you to sign up for the next level (which I did not). Fausto would refer to important trading information or techniques…..”that will be covered in our more advanced course”.

Decide what you expect to learn, and how much you’re willing to pay for it. You can most likely find the same information cheaper elsewhere. If you do enroll, expect to be bombarded with information and incentives for enrolling in their more advanced (and more expensive) courses. No matter what you do…..don’t expect any of these online courses to make you a consistantly profitable trader. It takes alot more than a few webinars or even a few months of education to be consistantly profitable.

Just my opinion.


This seems to be consistent with many of the courses that you can find online.  They often make huge claims to get you in the door, and then limit the content to the bare minimum to get you to keep buying products.  That’s not to say that the information you get from CTU won’t be good or accurate, it is however apparent that the goal is to create lifetime customers that keep coming back for more.  You can be the judge on how much you’d like to sift through this marketing/education and decide if this course is right for you.  From all accounts though, it does seem to provide some value mixed with a bit of marketing too.