Definition of Multi-Monitor

Multi-monitor can be defined as the use of two or more screen (monitors) attached to the

same desktop/operating system and configured to work in sync.  This is typically accomplished through the use of special video cards, multiple video cards or a special adapter.   The purpose of using multiple monitors varies depending on the person using them and the applications which they find necessary.

There are really no limits on the number of monitors that can be used, the positions in which they can be used, and the applications which they can be used for, so long as your don’t mind paying for what you want.

Admittedly, it can get a bit expensive depending on the amount of monitors you require, but a standard 2 or 3 monitor setup is often relatively in expensive and can be easily setup even by the average consumer.

Professionals such as engineers and video editing technicians began using this technology over a decade ago, but as prices come down and technology improves, even the average professional has begun to see the benefit to using multiple screens.   Here’s why:  while it may not seem like much, the average worker spends around 5-10 minutes daily switching between applications.  Be it accounting software, email, edit software- whatever your needs.  Using multiple monitors cuts down on this waste significantly and allows your workflow to be much smoother.

While this technology does continue to improve rapidly, using multiple monitors with Window vista or Windows 7 is a breeze to setup, and depending on your budget there is a solution for nearly everyone looking to improve their  work performance.