Dual Monitor Array – an Overview

When a number of monitors are attached together to form a monitor which has a bigger and better work space, such set up is known as monitor array. A monitor array can be of


many types for example a dual monitor array, triple monitor array, quad monitor array and control station array. A dual monitor array consists of two monitors which are attached together in order to increase the monitor area whereas triple monitor array involves three monitors, quad monitor array attaches four monitors and control station array supports the attachment of eight computers.

Apart from the above mentioned types another range of dual monitor array also exists. The first one in this league is horizontal dual monitor array. Horizontal dual monitor array allows you to add two monitors horizontally giving you the most natural and genuine work experience. Data can be exchanged from left monitor to right monitor very easily and you can arrange your work accordingly.

The second type is vertical dual monitor array. In vertical dual monitor array two monitors are attached on top of each other. The first advantage that this array enjoys is the compactness that it acquires only one monitor space as the other one is attached on top of it. Along with this added advantage it serves all the other advantages as well. Vertical dual monitor array is preferred by people who are involved in share market or intensive excel work as it allows a lot of ease in evaluation in comparison. These arrays help in increasing the productivity and efficiency at the work place.