Dual Screen Computer for Your Home or Office

Using a dual screen computer isn’t just a cool trend that you are seeing; it’s the proper way to conduct business. What you may discover is that as you work more is that having a dual screen computer will not

only help you get more done, but you’ll be able to get more done faster. Using a dual screen computer is a fantastic way to bump up your productivity, which will lead to more money in your pocket.
I was talking to a good friend of mine who actually uses dual screen computers in his home all the time. He was saying that he manages to do about twenty percent (20%) more done on average now that he has a multiple monitor computer system set up at his home office. After talking with him for a little bit I asked him what kind of computer system he used and he was using. He proceeded to tell me that he used a multiple monitor computer system that he bought from multi-monitors.com. Apparently, they have some pretty good deals on computer that are built not only for dual monitor computers, but triple monitor computers, quad monitor computers and more. In fact, he was telling me that they even have stand alone video wall controllers and much more. I thought that was pretty cool, but what I was really interested in hearing about was how he was able to use his dual screen computer to increase his productivity and make more money. He was kind enough to oblige.
My friend that I’m referring to is a financial analyst and penny day trader (or penny stock trader for those that are unfamiliar.) For his work, timing is pretty much everything. He has to be able to make momentary decisions based on data that’s in front of him. That’s why it’s so important for him to have dual screens to conduct his business. Now, some people in his line of work prefer even more screens, but for my friend, he’s able to do optimal work with only 2 screens in front of him.
He told me that just having dual screens meant an average increase of around 20%- wow! That’s a lot of cash considering what my buddy must earn (you should see his house, It’s freakin’ HUGE!) When I asked why he kind of laughed, then replied, “You wouldn’t believe how many things I missed, just because I was flipping back and forth between programs and screens.” That kind started making sense at that point. When you rely on several programs, several charts and graphs to make your decisions, you could easily miss something and the result would in losing cash.
I asked my friend about multi-monitors.com again because he seemed to speak very highly of them. He said that he was really impressed with their customer service and work ethic. Everything he ordered came quickly, professionally packed. But more important than that he said that they just have more of the products he needs. Whether he’s using his video wall at a trade show, or his dual screen computer at home, he said that multi-monitors.com has the most and on many things the best price as well. Not mention expertise, which really is priceless. He’s been able to put together his ideal machines with the help of their technicians and customer service. Basically, it’s service that you just won’t find anywhere else.