EZ Trading Computers

Day traders have long been looking for a way to make their job easier, more productive and make more money doing what they love (well, at least what they are good at.) Analyzing the market can be a challenging- there are lots of factors that come into play and it’s the ability of being able to analyze these various factors that become so important. That is why having the right equipment is so important. Without the


right tools, you may find yourself unable to compete in the global market. That’s where EZ trading computers come into play. You can use EZ trading computers to help grow your day trading or FOREX business, as long as you have all the other tools that you need as well.
If you’re going to trade stocks or currency one of the most important things to have is not only one, but too very fast internet connections. A lot of guys find themselves in trouble when they are working and their internet connection goes down. It’s important to always think ahead and have a backup plan so that you won’t find yourself in a bind. And your connection needs to be fast as well. What good is having an EZ trading computer if your internet connection isn’t up to par? A 10 megabit connection should be consider the absolutely lowest that you should consider. But honestly, with companies like Road Runner (Time Warner) and Verizon offering 50 Mb and beyond, I’m not sure why a serious day trader would settle with only a 10 Mb connection. It just doesn’t seem like it would be sufficient.
One of the most important aspects of day trading is speed. You must be able to download numbers, analyze them, process that information and then make decisions in a heartbeat so that you can make the proper decisions for your business. I mean sure, you can have an EZ trading computer that will help you with these decisions, but if you don’t have the speed (in your computer or with your internet connection) then you’ll probably find that you won’t be able to maintain a profitable business.
The right environment is another absolutely key factor to having a successful day trading business. A lot of men (and women) think, “Hey, I no longer have a boss, why don’t I go show off down at Starbucks?” In reality, thinking this way will get you into trouble, as you’ll find that you won’t be able to focus, but also, using your EZ trading computer won’t provide you with as big of an advantage as you would probably like to have. That’s why I always suggest that you have a quiet space that has very limited distractions. You want to work with just you and your EZ trading computer.
So what kind of components should your EZ trading computer have inside? Well this is where this story gets fascinating. You really should try and make sure that your EZ trading computer has top notch components. I’m going to go over the components of my favorite easy trading computer and hopefully they will help you design your perfect EZ trading computer when the time comes. My EZ trading computers (and all my computers for that matter) come from a company called Super PC (you can find them at multi-monitors.com). They offer a Quad Monitor Computer that is powered by the Intel Core i3. Of course, if you’d like to run more than 4 monitors, then the 2.93 GHz that the Intel Core i3 provides might not be enough, but when combined with the other components the Intel Core i3 seems to be plenty of power for my 4 monitor EZ trading computer. I combine the processor with 4 GB of DDR3 PC10600 RAM. Using less than 4 GB of RAM would be a mistake for any EZ trading computer, so make sure that’s the absolute minimum that you use, ok? Next you want to make sure that you have a really solid video card for your EZ trading computer. For my Super PC Quad Screen EZ trading computer I use 1 GB of GDDR5 Radeon HD5670 which is good enough for 4 monitors (easily). Combine these components with the power of Windows 7 (which is by far the best windows version yet) and you’ll be up and running with your EZ trading computer in no time.
So where can you find the best quality EZ trading computers on the web? Well there are a number of places that claim they have quality EZ trading computers, but the best place to buy an EZ trading computer, in my opinion, is a place called multi-monitors.com (mentioned above.) I’ve shopped around and they have both the best quality and the components on the web. Also, they have a truly experienced staff. These guys have been putting together custom EZ trading computers since 2005 and really know their stuff. In fact, they have put together computers for some of the biggest companies in the US and worldwide. I think most impressive (and the kicker for me that finally made me buy) is that they build a number of computer for the US military as well. It’s nice knowing the same parts and components that I rely on for my EZ trading computer, the US military is using to keep us safe.
Hopefully this article helped explain not only why you might want to purchase an EZ trading computer, but what to look for in your computer and where to buy it. If you’re like me and you trade stocks and currency, then having the right tools for the trade is probably one of the most important parts. Using an EZ trading computer is what makes that job possible, so knowing where to buy and what to buy is also extremely important. If you weren’t sure before reading this article, now you know exactly what to buy and where you can go but it!