From Active Trader Pro Reviewed

Active Trader Pro Tools is trading software designed to provide you with the power to track the markets, quickly place orders, and find new trading opportunities. Included as well are streaming updates in real time. There are two versions of this software: is a web version and Active Trader Pro is a desktop version. Each is customizable and easy to use. is a powerful web-based software, which can be used on either Pc or Mac. It includes watch lists, real time quotes, advance search, news headlines, updated order status, interactive charts, multi-leg trading, trade ticket for mutual fund and analytics. You can also customize your lay out, quotes, news, trades and watch lists as per your preference. You can make trades through this software from your computer, phone or mobile device online from anywhere, any time you want. They provide lifetime free help to manage your portfolio, as well as free planning tools.


Unfortunately, you must meet a few criterions before they will allow you to use Active Trader Pro. You must have 120+ household trades in a rolling 12 months period.  If you make 72-119 trade you will have access with streaming quotes.  If you make 36-71 trade a year you will have access with real time quotes, charting and news, but you can only use Active Trader Pro by downloading and installing this on your computer. Persons with less than 35 trades are not eligible for Active Trader Pro. Multiple traders in one household may combine their total trades to qualify for Active Trader Pro.

User log in:

To register, go to and obtain a username and password. You will then be able to download or access Active Trader Pro.  Once you log into the software for the first time you will be given an opportunity to change your username and password for the software.


You can customize your trade experience by designing your own layout in this software. To do so, click EDIT from the main menu, choose Layout and New. When a new screen appears, you can create a personalized trading experienced designed to your preference.  This can be changed at any time as well. For example, you can add components like favorite windows; charts and more, then save the layout for future use.

Display Today’s gain or loss information:

The position preferences and watch list show today’s gain/loss information in both percentage terms and dollar. You can see how your holdings are doing since the previous day’s closing. The “Index List” watch list defaults to a preset list of the most popular indexes. You may customize which indexes appear in this watch list by going to Edit > Preferences > Watch List.

Filters markets:

Active Trader Pro has 23 different market and technical filters. You can use these to identify trading opportunities. From top gainers and losers, to moving average crossovers, these filters are a powerful trading tool. You can access Filters from either the Function Toolbar or from Tools in the main menu.

More than one order at a time:

Click the ‘Add Another Order’ button on the Trade Stocks & Options ticket. There you can add up to 50 additional orders that may then be placed one at a time or all at once. To place multiple orders simply check the box next to the order you would like to submit and then click the Preview or Place Selected Orders button.

Enter large orders through Directed Trading:

By placing a Reserve Limit order you can enter a larger order, such as 10,000 shares, but only show the market 100, 500, or 1,000 shares at a time. As your order gets executed, the remaining reserve quantity will be displayed to the market until your total order has been executed. To enable this order type, go to Edit > Preferences > Trade > Directed Trade > Order Types > Enable Reserve Orders and choose the initial amount you want displayed to the market.

Access company conference calls:

If you click Research > Research on XXX > News > Conference Calls, a new browser will open and display all conference calls on the security of your choice. You can then hear the conference of your choice.

Learn more about Active Trader Pro:

At you can find the list of available seminars on topics such as advanced technical analysis, active trader pro, stock search, basic options strategies, etc. There are various reference materials for Active Trader Pro such as Help Function and User Guide. and Active Trader Pro offers investors advanced online trading tools and wealth of online research to help you trade online, anywhere, at anytime.