Gaming Computer with Multiple Monitors

If you want to enjoy gaming and I mean really enjoy gaming, then using your 720p plasma just isn’t going to cut it these days.  Most gamers are switching to a much advanced system.  Most gamers have a gaming computer with multiple monitors so that they are better able to play games.  We’re talking 5 screens and sometimes more, 1020p with

surround sound and CPUs and GPUs so fast that they’ll make your head spin.  We’re talking about the latest and greatest in technology that is going to make even the pickiest of gamers go, “whoa!”

So how do I know about gaming computers with multiple monitors?  Well a good friend of mine, a guy we’ll call Stedman, is extremely into gaming.  You know the type.  He’s always looking for the latest and the greatest.  When I first met him, I would say that he was the typical gamer with an Xbox360 and a Playstation 2.  He had both of these hooked up to his 42 inch 720p plasma screen that he bought back in 2006.  Now, to be completely honest, this is perfectly fine for a casual gamer with no real gamer intuition, but as Stedman progressively got more and more into gaming he decided that he was in need of a much better system.  He needed a gaming computer with multiple monitors.  He wanted monitors that were 1080p and mounted on a horizontal stand, with a c-shape rotation, so that he could create a more active environment in which to play games.

Now there are multiple ways to go about creating a gaming computer with multiple monitors.  In fact, you can build one yourself if you have the knowledge.  But before you do that, I’d highly recommend studying which motherboards, cases and cards go with what, because otherwise, you could find yourself in a position where you have a bunch of components that don’t really work all that well together.  Stedman actually went through this when he tried to build his multiple monitor computer system, and I’m going to tell you about it.  He attempted to go out and by the best GPU and processor that he could find.  The problem was that he didn’t account for cooling problems and end up with a machine that overheated non-stop.  Instead of haggling with the computer he decided to what intelligent individuals do.  He sold off the pieces of his first attempt at a gaming computer with multiple monitors, and then bought a computer from an expert company that knows what they are doing.

This turned out to a really smart move for Stedman.  The system he bought was absolutely perfect and 100 percent what he wanted.  He now games online with the best of them and doesn’t have to worry about his system crashing.  He has 4 monitors setup in a c-shaped horizontal rack that creates an absolutely amazing gaming environment and he loves his system.  I believe that he purchased his computer from