Gaming Displays

So you love to play video games, right?  Awesome, me too!  But I can tell you this, if you are using a typical TV, even a 1080p, then you are missing out on the best action you can possibly find.  Real gamers use real gaming displays.  So what’s the difference between a

TV (especially a high quality TV, like a 1080p LED) vs. a true gaming display?  Well gaming displays often use multiple monitors to create a really spectacular gaming environment.    In many cases, you can use multiple monitors to create a horseshoe like effect which makes a near 3D environment that will add to any gaming experience.  Gaming displays are also an awesome way to improve you gaming experience and improve your gaming stats.  If you can imagine creating an environment that wraps around your head, so you can make full use of your peripheral vision. The effect will be crushing to any opponent and will allow you to achieve much larger gaming goals as well.  Using gaming displays are a great way to do this.

Of the few people I know that are really high quality gamers, most of them use special gaming displays that are geared towards whatever type of games they like to play.  For example, my friend that is really into FPS (first person shooter) games all likes to use the horseshoe configuration, similar to what I mentioned above.  On the other hand, a number of my friends are into RPGs and prefer to create a wall gaming display.  I guess it is easier for that friend to maneuver around maps and he enjoys the large action shots during battle.

I recently went over to another friend’s house so we could discuss the differences between some of the types of gaming displays that are available.  He told me that his gaming display configuration is constantly changing because each setup has its own advantages.  This makes sense, but I thought that rearranging a gaming display might be a bit of a time consuming task.  According to my friend, however, it is really not quite as bad you might think.  He is able to create his gaming display of choice in a matter of minutes by using a few monitors (6 to be exact) and a couple of different monitor array stands.  Pretty cool, eh?

Another guy that I saw using a great gaming display had two 40 inch LED 1080p screen setup side by side.  Now I know I said this wasn’t optimal, but the way they were setup was kind of neat.  He wanted to be able to play co-op style video games with his friends side by side.  Games like Dead Island and Portal 2 (co-op) are way cool if you have the full screen to operate, but you don’t have to worry about sharing a tiny screen.  It was really cool and I decided I might have to setup this gaming display as well.

The best thing about having a cool gaming display was the ease of which it can be setup by the average person.  All that’s really needed is an extra HDMI cable and Windows 7.  I tried to setup this configuration a while back and it only took me about 30 minutes.  I was really impressed.