Graphic Cards for Professionals – Beyond the Horizon!

Graphic Cards for Professionals – Beyond the Horizon!


Teens are hooked on fast-action and riveting video games, adults are breaking sweat on high-tech image analysis and various industries are stacking computers over computers to create a bigger screen! Today’s world seems to rotate around high-throughput graphics technology. And with that, comes the age of cutting-edge Graphic solution technologies.

Every time you turn on your PC and switch your monitor on, right from the wallpaper displayed to the complex visualization of video games, everything thrives on a good graphic support! For this purpose, Graphic cards have been developed, and every now and then, one surpasses the other.

With the demanding and ever-increasing need for an enhanced display as seen in almost all sections of today’s society, it has become merely confusing to single out a graphic solution from the profuse variants of high-performance graphic cards. Many graphic cards these days allow you to expand the horizons of your screen onto other monitors. Some let you support a wider screen image by allowing more data at a rapid rate. Some provide higher storage capacity, which entails a greater data assimilation power to ensure better image display! It seemingly becomes an ordeal to browse through these many lucrative options and settle for a solution that satisfies your needs most appropriately.

In an attempt to ease that stress for you, here are three top contenders for the most advanced graphic solutions available. One of these bad boys is bound to end your search:


 Matrox M9188 PCIe x16 multi-display Octal graphics card:

Being a newly embedded jewel to the pristine M-series of Matrox Graphic solutions, this power-packed graphic card heralds itself as being the first single-slot Octal card with PCl Express x16 offering single card with 16 display support! The most celebrated feat of the Matrox M9188 is that it harbors 8-display plugins in one unit, which makes it almost indispensible for people who use multiple displays. Matrox M9188 uses Mini Display Port adaptors, which allow the user to manage eight screens from a single Graphic card and control the image display on all those eight screens. The graphic card also allows the user to shuttle between independent screen display and Stretched Display over multiple screens.

With a hardcore 2 GB memory on-board, it can cater pleasantly astounding data support making it possible to handle large scale image analysis like multi-access security imaging or financial trading on multiple ends! It appears not so subtly that this graphic solution is more adept for the corporate machinery, which needs wide-screen projection and boosted graphic support. The salient features of the Matrox M9188 PCIe x16 multi-display Octal graphics card are:

  • Ø Single slot card with multi-card support –facility to run 16 display units using 2 cards.
  • Ø DisplayPort and DVI single link output
  • Ø 2GB of memory on-board –to handle large amounts of data single-handedly.
  • Ø Native PCI Express x16 performance
  • Ø Stretched and independent desktop support
  • Ø 2560 x 1600 DisplayPort monitor resolution and 1920 x 1200 DVI monitor resolution (per display) –offering unmatched flexibility for display options.
  • Ø OpenGL 2.0 support
  • Ø Drivers for Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003/2008, and Linux included with 32-bit and 64-bit support in all cases.
  • Ø Edge overlap –to provide crisp images with clearly defined features on-screen rendering a new meaning to 3D imaging, down to the pixels!
  • Ø ATX form factor
  • Ø Matrox Powerdesk software –which offers easier control over program windows over multiple monitors.


The price may seem a bit high ($2599), but considering the unrivaled and flexible features it offers it’s really a steal!


FirePro V9800 4GB GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1×16 Hex Monitor Display Support:


The most advanced addition to the ATI FireProTM graphic solutions, this graphic card offers intensive data support and allows you to extrapolate your display to six independent screens at the same time using a single card! It comes boasting a 4 GB data storage capacity that allows you to maneuver through complex computational requirements and renders impeccable performance. Suited for professionals who work with extensive graphic analysis and intense 3D environment, this card offers an edge over others with the ATI EyeFinityTM support. With a GDDR 5 memory support, it satisfies the high-bandwidth requirement irresistible for working with Medical Imaging or Digital Content creation or Simulation.

Some salient features of this dazzling performer are:

  • Ø ATI Eyefinity technology allowing up to six independent displays
  • Ø 1600 stream processor that surpasses any existing technology
  • Ø 4GB GDDR5 memory
  • Ø AutoDetect technology that optimizes performance for multi-application workflow
  • Ø Hardware acceleration and support for DirectX® 11 and OpenGL 4.0
  • Ø 3D  Stereoscopic support to ensure unrivaled image quality
  • Ø Framelock/Genlock support
  • Ø ATI CrossFire™ Pro Support
  • Ø PCI Express® 2.1 compliant


PNY VCQ6000-PB Quadro 6000 Fermi Graphics Card:

The pioneer of massive data storage, with 6 GB GDDR 5 memory support, this card ushers in a new era of 5X faster speed and performance in delivering broad range of designs, animations and video applications.

The innovative Fermi architecture, this graphic card comes with a 448 NVIDIA CUDA parallel processing core, which gives a rapid data analysis for people who have no time to spare. Powered by Floating Point Precision (64-bit), it offers impeccable results with no scope for error especially for critical applications like simulation and computational fluid dynamics. Enhanced integrity of data and irrefutably reliable processing comes hand-in-hand with the powerful ECC memory. Paving way for revolution, Quadro 6000 Fermi brings in Scalable Geometry EngineTM technology, which offers a stunning 1.3 trillion triangles per second, breaking through the shackles of previous limitations on 3D graphics.

Here are some features that make Quadro 6000 Fermi the best and the finest in the market:

  • Ø GPU Series: NVIDIA Quadro –powerful technology to make your work easier and unhindered!
  • Ø Lifestyle: Workstation / GPU Computing
  • Ø NVIDIA GigaThread Engine –to provide context switching so seamless that your work flows across the screen, or screens!
  • Ø NVIDIA Scalable Geometry Engine –to ensure unrivaled image quality
  • Ø NVIDIA CUDA Architecture –for immense and intensive data processing.
  • Ø Maximum Digital Resolution: 2560 x 1600
  • Ø Video Card Profile: Standard / Dual-Slot
  • Ø Memory Interface: 384-bit
  • Ø Memory Type: GDDR5
  • Ø Video Memory: 6GB
  • Ø Stream Processors: 448
  • Ø Memory Bandwidth: 144GB/sec.
  • Ø Interface Type: PCI Express 2.0
  • Ø Connector(s): DVI (Dual Link) / Dual Display Port
  • Ø Multiple Monitors Support
  • Ø APIs: NVIDIA CUDA / DirectX 11 / Shader Model 5 / OpenGL 4.0
  • Ø Video Output: DVI / DisplayPort


All of these graphic support solutions are designed to deliver the highest and ultimate image analysis techniques that expand the horizons of graphic technology. From cutting edge processing speed to indispensible 3D support, these graphic cards have it all! For all the needs that a user can have, the solution is within here!

As they say, pictures say much more than words!