HDTV as Monitor to a PC

It is fabulous to work on your PC with High Definition TVs as its monitors and this has revolutionized the world of PC users. You might have thought of using a big screen TV of


29” or more as monitors for your PC but the blurring pictures on PC mode might have disappointed you. But the invention of HDTV has made your dream come true because of its high definition picture quality while using them as monitors to your PC.

HDTV has dramatically overcome the weakness of ordinary TVs to be used as monitors for your PCs. Though monitors are also improving their qualities but with a slower pace. But before using our big screen HDTV as monitors to your PCs you will have to consider certain thing to resolve the situation like what is the size of the HDTV screen? Distance between you and the screen?

What is the purpose of the PC using big screen as monitors?  The size of the TV screen as compared to resolution of the PC programming is crucial for the clarity and quality of display. Similarly the distance between the viewer and the screen must be considered according to the size of the screen as you can sit closer if the screen is of small size, but in case of a large screen it is not advisable. Also it will be acceptable to use HDTV as monitors for enjoying movies or music videos but for playing games it is not acceptable as its overwhelming image would not suit everyone.  Thus it is advisable to use HDTV as monitors to your PCs only for the purpose of money saving.