Hex Monitor Display

A hex monitor display (or a 6 monitor computer) is a valuable tool for many of those involved in the day trading or FOREX markets.  In fact, most industry insiders agree that using a multiple monitor computer is necessary to being able to properly run your day trading business.  If you are wondering how having a hex monitor display will help you


business, then consider this:  day traders must consistently be able to visualize and process a large amount of data simultaneously.  Having a computer system with multiple monitors is one of the tools that will allow you to visualize data in the way that needs to be done.  A hex monitor display should be a key component of your business, especially if you are in the financial sector and have to view multiple charts, graphs and pages all at once.

Building a hex monitor display is not as challenging as you might think and can be done for a reasonable amount of money.  So what do you need to make your hex monitor display run smoothly?  There are 5 key components that you should consider.  First, the processor- my favorite tends to be the i7- it’s a powerful dual core processor that can easily handle the demands of 6 monitors as well as any applications you may need to run.  Second, using enough RAM, or memory as some people call it, is absolutely essential.  A minimum of 2 GB is necessary, but you’ll likely want to double that to avoid some of the problems associated with not having enough RAM.  Next you need to consider your graphics card.  The NVIDIA, Firepro and ATI all make quality cards.  Prices vary from as little as a few hundred, all the way up to several thousand dollars.  For most users, a $300-$600 video card(s) will be fine.

If you have questions about exactly what you should be getting, don’t worry.  There are a few companies out there that specialize in high end hex monitor displays.  One such company is multi-monitors.com.  They’ve been selling multiple monitor computers, such as a hex monitor display since 2006 and have a bit more experience than some of the other companies out there.  I highly recommend you give them a shot if you are considering purchasing a hex monitor display.  You won’t be disappointed.