How Do I Build a Video Wall Cheap?

Business owners have been pondering for a while- how do I build a video wall cheap?  A
simple question, but as technology advances, even small and medium sized business owners want to know how they can get in on the video wall action.  The good news is that because the technology has gotten better, it’s cheaper than ever to build a video wall for your business.  In this article we’ll discuss some of the best ways to build a video wall, including some of the newest and most powerful components that you can pick up. Well also discuss what is that makes a video wall function best.  It really comes down to picking up the right components and knowing how to apply them to your system.  Once you know what to buy, then building a video wall cheap is actually pretty easy.

Because more businesses are attending trade shows to show off their business, videos walls have become a popular commodity for many businesses.  It’s not uncommon at all for even small and medium-sized business to attend several trade shows a year because they are finding that they are a great resource for pulling in new clients and developing new business strategies.  In fact, if you’re not attending multiple trade shows with your business, then you’re probably leaving business on the table.  One of the ways these businesses attract new clients at trade shows is the through the use of video walls.  Video walls create a living campaign that can be customized to whatever the particular trade
 show is geared towards. The colorful and customized displays are a key part of grabbing the attention of perspective clients and getting them to pay attention to whatever it may be that your company happens to be offering.  When it comes to trade shows, it’s all about getting the most attention.  That’s what they’re there for as a matter of fact.  In the long run, having a powerful video wall display can be a huge benefit to any business, but the initial setup can be a bit pricey.

Thankfully, technology is improving, so it’s becoming easier for that mid-sized business to get in on the action.  What’s new, you ask?  Well there have been some incredible developments in stand-alone video wall controllers that like the iVuPro9 which allow you to setup as many as 9 monitors easily.  And the cool thing about these adapters is that they can maintain high-resolution images across the 9 monitors, so you’re left with a display that leaves a lasting impression.  Furthermore, the cost of a video wall controller like iVuPro9 is significantly less expensive than traditional video signage options.  That’s why it’s become such a popular move for business of all sizes.  The value is obvious when it comes to using these stand-alone options.

Other business have found that in house video signage displays are a great way to recommend their latest products and services, similar to the way that traditional signs may have done.  However, the beauty of using digital signage is that the message can easily be changed and improved to fit whatever may be happening at any given time.  Digital signs still grab more attention than traditional signs too.  People just seem to be impressed by the bright lights and shining colors, which is why given the fact that digital signs and video walls are so cheap these days, it’s a smart move for nearly any business.  Your business will benefit from being able to better reach your customers, and you’ll appreciate the ease at which you can reach your customers or clients.