How to Design and Easily Setup a Wall Display Using the Xtreme4vs

You’ve probably seen large wall displays in retail or tradeshow settings.  Today we’re going to discuss how you can setup these types of displays using the Xtreme4vs as a standalone


display wall controller.  The cool thing about the Xtreme4vs wall controller is that it accepts a number of types of displays including single DVI-D/HDMI as well as a dual-link DVI input.  This means that you can use a variety of outputs  such as your laptop, a signage box, a TV (HDTV that is), video cameras, DVD & Blu-Ray players and even game consoles.

Another perk is the ability to display the image across multiple monitors.  Actually, four monitors to be exactly.  In addition, the outputs can be either analog or digital and does not necessarily have to be the same as Xtreme4vs.    For example, you can mix controllers to setup a variety of configurations, like using a dual channel graphics card in a computer that has two outputs- essentially enabling a total of 8 screens in your video wall.

Using the Xtreme4vs to setup a video wall is not as complex as you may think.  In fact it’s actually quite easy- you can use the Xtreme4Vs because it’s designed specifically for LCD and DLP screens, as well as both wall cubes and projectors.  This makes it a great tool for many different types of applications.

One major reason people generally decide to go with the Xtreme4vs is that it’s also going to save you money.   Very large LCDs (between 64 and 84 inches) for your digital signage are going to be quite a bit more expensive than using multiple smaller LCDs linked together.  The beauty of the Xtreme4vs is that it makes this process incredibly simple.

Hooking up the Xtreme4vs is a breeze too and should take you less than 15 minutes.  The input and outputs are similar to what you might find on a new HDTV, so just about anyone can figure out how to hook this up.  It won’t take a lot of work.

So how much will the Extreme4VS cost you?  Well the suggested manufacturer’s retail price is $2299.99, however, if you buy from a few select dealers you can find this controller for around $1699.99.  One of those retailers is  They actually have a number of video wall monitors, but this is one of the favorites.

If you are looking for a great way to setup a video wall, using the Extreme4vs is a reasonable way to do so.  Cost wise, it using this controller can help you save thousands of dollars and because of its variable nature, you can hook it up to most types of outputs to help create the perfect wall for advertising, display, tradeshow purposes or even gaming experience.   It is a widely available controller, however, at the time of writing this article, the least expensive it can be found is on a website called, where it can be bought for $1699.