Matrox M9188 PCIe x16 Makes Building a Display Way Easy

As far as video wall solutions go, it can be challenging to find a solution that meets both cost and technical constraints.   The Matrox M9188 is a multi-screen Octal card for graphics that was designed for those that need to visualize large amounts of data in order to

effectively make decisions.    What’s more, it is the first single slot PCI card that offers octal output and even supports both display port and DVI single link outputs- making it compatible with nearly all of today’s monitors.  It also comes standard with 2 GB of memory and includes desktop management features like independent and stretched desktop modes.

Some of my favorite features of the Matrox M9188 include the high resolution output on 8 monitors.  It actually supports upto 2560×1600 and 1920×1200 (on DVI).  It includes 2 GB of memory which leads to increased performance in programs that require a lot of resources.   The Matrox M9188 also includes edge overlap technology which helps create a seamless blending effect on images by adjusting the number of overlapping pixels.  For video walls, this technology is absolutely essential.

Multi card support is a huge perk with Matrox M9188 because it means that by using additional cards in the same system, you can drive up to 16 displays.  This is perfect for tradeshow or day traders alike.  And the Matrox Clone feature is backed up by this because it means a perfect 1×1 display.

Another one of my favorite features of the Matrox M9188 is the multiple operating support which includes drives for the latest version of Windows (Windows 7 both 32 and 64 bit) as well as Windows Vista 32 and 64 bit, Window XP 32 and 64 bit and Windows Server 32 and 64 bit.  They also include drivers for Linux, which can’t be said about a vast majority of video controllers on the market.  This means easy cross over for those of you that prefer the older operating systems such as XP because of the stability it offers.

If cost is a factor, this is actually a pretty cost effective solution for most people in the market for a video wall.  One f the Matrox M0188 cards will set you back around $2300 from, although if you end up buying it from other retailers they tend to be closer to $2600 (hint-hint go visit first and last if you’re trying to save some money.  Compared with some of the other video controllers on the market this is quite a bit less expensive, yet it offers more features to some degree.  Where you’ll lose is that it’s not an “all in one” custom solution, like some NEC products.  But because you’ll be able to pick your own monitors/screens you might end up getting a slightly more bang for your buck in the long.   I’m a huge fan of Matrox and their multiple monitor technologies and this piece of equipment is no exception.