McCarran International Airport Video Wall

If you’re like me, you love Las Vegas, I’ve been there 6 times in the past 5 years and from the moment you arrive at McCarran International Airport you can just feel the electricity of excitement in the air.  It’s absolutely one of my favorite cities to visit, because everything in Las Vegas is bigger and brighter than any other city.  And that’s not just on the famous Las Vegas strip where things are bigger and brighter.  Starting in January of 2011 the largest video wall at any airport in the country sits at McCarran International Airport.


Actually, McCarran is home to 5 video walls, but the largest is a Samsung 100-screen video wall that can be found in Concourse D Rotunda.  It’s a giant display and bound to capture your attention, as it measures a total of 33 by 19 feet and is the largest of any video wall in an airport.  It proudly displays the Samsung Smart TV logo as each of the 100 screens that make up the video wall are brightly lit and create an ultra sharp image.   Because of it officials at McCarran International Airport are actually seeking a record in the Guinness Book of World Records.


According to the Director of Aviation at Randall H. Walker, “McCarran is one of the most technologically driven airports in the aviation industry.”  And he’s right; there are a number of things that make McCarran a great airport- Wi-Fi, lots of great shops, jacks and outlets for your USB and other electronic devices.  But now you can an amazing video wall to that list of things that make this airport unique.


The new screen at McCarran International is unique in that it offers up to 4-times the standard high-definition quality, and it’s expected to be a hotspot for high end advertisers like fashion, jewelry, entertainment, dining auto and events in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.    And starting this year, 2012, a new terminal will be opening and when it does the new video wall will be a prime target and will undoubtedly be even more exciting for advertisers, as thousands of passers-by will be greeted by the giant screen each day.


McCarran hands of the reigns of their airport advertising to a company called Alliance Airport Advertising.  Not only do they handle the advertising, they are also responsible for the partnership with Samsung, giving McCarran the largest airport video wall in the country.    Doug Albregts, vice president of sales and marketing at Samsung Electronic said, “Samsung is a world leader in display technology and we saw this as a great opportunity to display our product in a world-class airport that attracts visitors from around the world” and, “We are proud to partner with McCarran International Airport to showcase this state-of-the-art digital video display network.”  And he’s right, Las Vegas attracts people from all over the globe for both business and entertainment purposes and there is no better place to showcase their awesome technology.