Media Center Console

How are you getting your media these days?  The media center console is becoming a popular alternative to traditional cable TV and satellite systems.  These systems force you

to watch whatever is available at the time, rather than picking and choosing what you’d like to see.  Even those who spend a great deal of money on Pay Per View programming lack in programming options.  When combined with the appropriate multi monitor array, it create a stellar experience that rivals even that of the box office.  These arrays are designed to support and balance multi screen computers . You can opt for dual, triple, four six or twelve monitor systems at a time through monitor array company designs. Developing a media center console is not difficult, but requires a little planning.  Alternatively you can purchase the help of professionals to create the perfect system.  When planning your media center console, a quick search on Google will reveal a number of fantastic companies that provide both support and setup, such as the guys at Super PC.

But wait! Before you break the bank on a new media center console, you should consider other alternatives as well, such as turning your XBOX into a media center console.  A variety of software can help you do this, and it’s easy enough that even Grandma could set it up. Combine this with a monitor array company for high quality screens and you’ll have a multi screen system that would make technology gurus blush.  Combining these technologies will allow you to stream video, audio and photos as well as play action packed games. Deciding upon a monitor array company can be confusing, but I’ve personally been impressed with the Super-PC guys ( and suggest anyone searching give a call first.