Mozart IP Multi-Media Center

If you are not using the Mozart IP Multi-Media Center in your home then you are not experiencing multimedia the way that it is meant to be experienced.  Having a media center such as the Mozart IP has several key advantages.  It provides an easy way to


access your on-the-go music, movies, pictures and more by allowing in station iPod docking.  And not only is the iPod docking station built in, but you’ll also notice that there is an integrated iPod remote support as well.   You’ll also be impressed with its HTPC functionality.

You’ll also love the sleek design with its ultra modern look that will fight right in with whatever theme your living room or den has.  You won’t be disappointed by the fine design.  In fact, you could say that they look nothing like a traditional PC.  You won’t have to deal with clunky boxes and flashing lights that look completely out of place in your living room.  Seriously, no one wants that, as it is impossible to fit into an ultra modern design.  The Mozart iP really is the pioneer of iPod docking with chassis.

Furthermore, there are multiple colors and styles available, including Titanium silver and Metallic Black- these both blend incredibly well, depending on your personal tastes.

If you are looking for a solid media center for your home, the Mozart iP is the way to go.  You will not be disappointed.