Multi-monitor Array Display

The various positions to display multi-monitors depend on the individual and what their needs are and how many monitors are being used.  When using only two monitors they can be displayed in a vertical array. This is particularly helpful when viewing both screens at

the same time. Another way to display is in a horizontal array which also allows the viewer to see both screens. The view is similar to seeing one large screen. The horizontal display can reduce neck strain where as the vertical display cause the viewer to have to look up. However if desk top space is a problem the vertical multi-monitor array display might be more practical.

A 3 monitor display allows for 3 different positions for multi-monitor array display. One way is to have two on the bottom and the third multi-monitor array display multi-monitor array display one centered on the top. Of course the 3 monitors could also be displayed horizontally or vertically depending on the users need.

When using four monitors they could be displayed with two on the bottom and two on top. Or the multi-monitor display array might simply be four in a row horizontally. When using a large number of monitors it might be to the viewer’s advantage to have them mounted on a wall. Some people prefer having only two and actually having one on the wall behind where they are sitting. Different mounts can be bought some which have arms so that the multi-monitor display array can be spaced out across the work space.

Whether it is two, three, six, nine or more the multi-monitor display arrays are endless. By using your imagination, and taking into consideration the amount of space and the needs of the viewer, almost any arrangement could be used.