Multi-monitors Adapters

“How on earth do you manage to connect 4 monitors to one computer?  How about 6 monitors connected to one computer?  Where do you plug all of these monitors in, I don’t get it!”  The answer is simple; you use multi-monitors adapters that allow you to plug in multiple monitors through one adapter that plugs in to a USB or another type of port in the back of the computer.  It is really quite simple and easy to do and anyone that would like to turn their single monitor computer into a multiple monitor computer can do so with the

help of multi-monitors adapters which are commercially available for anyone to use.

So the next most popular question is, “Are they expensive?”  The answer is that they are relatively inexpensive, particularly if you know where to shop and what to look for when you are shopping for multi-monitors adapters.   One of the most popular options, in particular for laptop owners is the MATROX DualHead2Go monitor adapter.  For a few hundred dollars you can use up to 2 additional monitors with your laptop.  This works with most laptops and only takes a minute to set up.  The next best option is the TripleHead2Go- this allows you to set up as many three monitors on one computer.

If you are interested in turning your old single monitor computer into a multiple monitor computer then using a multi-monitor adapter is the way to go.  Multi-monitor adapters are relatively in expensive and even someone that isn’t very computer savvy can setup a multi-monitor computer with multi-monitors adapters.  One of the most popular brands is Matrox DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go and both are available from online stores such as