Multi Monitors: For Gaming or Working It’s Always an Advantage

Multi Monitors: For Gaming or Working It’s Always an Advantage

In the age where technology helps all our work get done, multi-monitors reign supreme in helping people with multi tasking. In the same way that smartphones allow you to do work outside of your office, these multi-viewing devices give you the benefit of being able to complete more tasks in less amount of time while you are at work. For example, let’s say you’re monitoring the stock market, but at the same time doing some research. One monitor can help you see the changes in the stock market, while the other let’s you conduct research.  And yet a third monitor can be used to browse the internet or even read and send emails.

If you aren’t sure if you’ll be able to handle multiple screens—understand that using multiple screens will make-work significantly easier, regardless of what type of work you’re doing.  One of the biggest time savings that you will experience is the ability to stop jumping from tab to tab.

In addition this technology is not limited to work areas.  You read it right! Multi monitors are not limited to the work area. Gamers discovered long ago that playing games becomes more fun! How?   We’ll get to the details of this in just a moment.

What are multi monitors?

Multi monitors are just physical display devices used simultaneously. These can be computer monitors, television or even projectors. The purpose of using such a network is to increase the availability of computer programs open in a single system. Of course this is unlike the usage of tabs and windows, because this makes it easier for operators to view the programs rather than shifting from tab to another.  Multi-monitor computers are often called a variety of things, such as dual-display, dual screen, and dual monitor, but it all uses the same basic technology to work.

Multi-monitors were first used on windows systems. This technology was once dependent on video drivers specially made for such. However, these days both OSX (Mac’s OS) and just about every version of Linux as well can handle multiple screens with ease.

Types of multi monitors

Multi monitors have come a long way since it was first used. At present there are different kind of multi monitors a person can use at work or during gaming sessions.

  • Single pc

When we say single pc this means that the multi-monitoring system only uses one screen but is divided into multiple windows. It increases the net display of the system and has been considered as an inexpensive way to monitor more work.  In particular, OSX Lion and Windows 7 make this type of display easy to setup and use.


  • Dual monitors

Using two or more monitors were more integrated as AGP came along. Advance Graphics card has dual monitoring features, which allow users to use two monitors or more. In addition it enhances the resolution. Another way to do this is by integrating an AGP adapter and using a PCI bus for the other monitoring device. While this may work, PCI capabilities are very much behind that of the AGP.

  • Multiple pc

To be able to use multi monitors this way, the computer system must be custom designed. The graphics card and even the system used are upgraded to support a program that will help a network of monitors.  A centralized computer system is responsible for all the monitor controlling.

The graphics cards used

To make multi-display computers possible, certain graphics adapters are necessary. These display adapters allow two or more outputs and may be similar or may come in variations. The outputs are usually DVI or VGA ports. CRT monitors usually use VGA (earlier versions). Latter styles of CRT use BNC or DVI. LCDs are now the most common type of monitoring and are higher definition compared to the CRT, but depending on the model of the LCD it may be using either VGA or DVI.

The Gaming Experience

Hardcore gamers often say that PC gaming is more fun compared to using an Xbox, Wii or other gaming system. Because gaming PCs are customizable they are often faster and easier to play games. In addition, many games even support multi-monitoring, which allows them to have better view than their opponent.

Multi monitoring has helped shaped the gaming industry tremendously. It has given gamers a chance to have a 3D experience, regardless of whether they play with other distant team members or not. Because gaming computers already use high-end graphics cards, processors and more RAM, the upgrade to a multiple monitor gaming PC is often rather cheap and painless.

How to play games using multi monitors

Playing multi-monitoring games are fun, especially if you’re up against actual players from around the globe. Here’s an example of how easy it is to setup multiple monitors for gaming:

  1. Check your graphics card if it supports a dual-link output. If it doesn’t have one then you’ll need to go purchase one that does to start multi monitoring.
  2. Select a second monitor.   It’s best to make sure it has the same resolution and size of screen.
  3. Check if the game you are to play can support multi monitoring. There are certain games that can’t, but it should say on the box, or the download page, so you’ll know before hand.  Of the games that support multi-monitors some of the most popular are Microsoft’s Flight Simulator and several popular racing games.  But many others support multiple monitors as well, so just check it out before you purchase.
  4. Just like any new installation, connect the new monitor to your system and follow the specific instruction for your OS to setup the extra monitor.  You may need to reboot your computer to allow it to read the device and the installation, but most likely you will not. Set up the properties and select the appropriate resolution for the new computer.
  5. You can now use the other monitor as a second monitor for all your tasks, but for gaming as well.  You may have to configure the extra monitor(s) within the game itself, but you’ll need to follow the game instructions to do this part of the setup.

Using multi monitors either in gaming or in work has proven itself to be very useful.   You’ll enjoy the benefits of multiple screens regardless of the application.