Multiple Display Work Station

Professionals such as graphic designers, architects, engineers, and video editors have been

using two or more monitors driven by one machine for years. In the past, even though multiple graphic adapters and specialized software was need it was not unusual for many professionals to augment their productivity by having multiple display work stations of at least two screen monitors if not more.

As multi-monitor display workstations become more economical the range of businesses which use multi-monitors has continued to increase. They are using the multi-monitor setup to increase visual area thus allowing more productivity. The amount of concurrent media that can be seen increases allowing the user to view two or more applications at one time saves the professional stress and time that would be used flipping back and forth between applications.

Multiple display workstations offer a more superior performance than personal computers, by having a greater memory capacity and by allowing multitasking.  The multi-display workstation permits different types of complex data to be viewed and manipulated. The multiple display work station offers a high resolution display, a mouse and keyboard at a minimum, but it can also be used for devices that are used for moving 3D objects or scenes.

The computer market has used the multiple display work station to exhibit advanced accessories and collaboration apparatus.