Multiple Monitor Arrangement

My visit to New York, a convention of computer nerds, a few months ago turned into quite a productive time.  While I was there I got to visit some of the powerhouse day traders that use a multiple monitor arrangement to power their trades.  It was quite an experience

and I wanted to share with you how some of these guys were using their multiple monitor computers and the type of multiple monitor arrangements that they were using.  The crazy thing about these guys is that they’ve been using incredibly powerful Super-PCs for years, and most them just kind of assume that you are too.  So I really had to drill them on the perks of their particular multi-monitor arrangement and why they might be using it.

The first guy that I talked with had a penthouse on Wall St. and he was quite unapologetic about it.  He referred to himself as the Jew that sells things people can’t afford to those who don’t need it.  In fact, he was bragging about how if he ran out of things to sell, he’d just make something up!  You don’t get much more Wall St. than this guy, let me tell you.  Anyways, he what really important here is that this guy had an 8 monitor, multiple monitor arrangement that took up the better part of a wall.  As you can imagine seeing these monitors stacked, 2 on top of each, straight across his wall, was pretty cool.  He is the type of guy that talks a big game, but runs an even bigger one.  He trades stocks and bonds and really knows his stuff.   He told me a lot of cool tips, but one of the things that stands out the most to me was hearing that most of the time, it’s just about being in the right place at the right time.  I thought about this for a minute, and he later confirmed that I was correct in thinking, that having multiple monitors is what gives him the ability to really visualize the market, almost like it’s in 3-D and then make trades accordingly.  It really made sense.  His multiple monitor arrangement was at the heart of being able to make smart market decisions quickly and on time.

I pressed him for information on what was powering his multiple monitor arrangement.  Apparently hardware is relatively important.  He said that the most important aspects of any multiple monitor computer was the processor, RAM (or memory) and the video cards.  In his case he was using an Intel i7 with 6 gigabytes of ram.  The machine was really powerful.  It could easily run the 8 monitors that shaped like a “C” and surrounding his multi-monitor workstation.  When I got to test drive his system I found it impressive that his multiple monitor arrangement didn’t cause neck or eye-strain because of the way it was positioned.  This had been a concern of mine when I first thought about dealing with these mega multi-monitor systems.  Once again, I was proved mistaken and took this as a lesson.

My next series of questions were really about where and when he bought his multiple monitor arrangement.  He told me that initially he had considered building a system on his own, but decided that he’d rather consult with an expert to build his system.  After a lot of deliberation, he decided on because they have a good reputation for really high quality computers and being experts in an industry where there are few true experts. has been around since 2006 and provides multiple monitor arrangements for some of the nation’s biggest groups, including the Navy.  They’ve become a reliable source for all things multiple monitors.

If you’ve been considering purchasing a multiple monitor arrangement, now is the time to do it.  There are lots of great benefits to running a multiple monitor computer, but probably the best is simply that will allow you to both increase and improve your business.  If you are not sure where to buy your new multiple monitor arrangement, then consider  They come highly recommended because of their professionalism and high quality products.