Multiple Monitor Desktop

Purchasing a multiple monitor desktop for your home or business will be a huge benefit for

you and your business.  This is undeniable.  Those that have stretched their desktops from one monitor to two or even many more have found that having a multiple monitor desktop is a huge benefit for you and your business.  In fact, there are those have said that they were able to considerably grow their business just based on having a multiple monitor desktop alone.  How, you ask?   Well the answer is actually quite simple.  Being able to do more while you work is a huge boon for your business- the old saying goes something like, “a penny saved is a penny earned.”  And now more than ever, this old saying is certainly true.  To get a competitive edge, you really must have some type of advantage over your competition, and a multiple monitor desktop is just that.

According to many of the experts in the field, using a multiple monitor desktop will result in a higher rate of productivity because of several reasons.  One reason is that you’ll be able to better visualize your entire work environment.  Having three monitors or more, you can dedicate a monitor to each task, project or program and easily see how everything works together.  Additionally, you will save quite a bit of time because you will no longer have to switch back and forth between programs.  Everything will be in front of you, making it easier to use multiple programs simultaneously.

When I went to visit a prominent lawyer across town a few weeks ago, I noticed that he just set up a multiple monitor desktop in his office.  Out of curiosity, I asked him why he had decided to use a multiple monitor desktop, instead of single monitor computer.  He smirked as though I had asked some trade secret.  But then he was kind enough to oblige me (and I was most appreciative.)  He said that he had been had been using his multiple monitor desktop for several weeks because of his 2nd career.  In addition to practicing law he also runs a day trading company and trades currency (sometimes referred to as FOREX trading.)  He then informed me that the perk to using a multiple monitor desktop for day trading was visualization.  Because day trading and FOREX (currency exchange) both involve being able to visualize a lot of things at once.  Each monitor of his multiple monitor desktop has a specific purpose and serves that purpose well.

The lawyer then went on to tell me how he was able to use multiple monitors for a variety of purposes outside of his day trading and FOREX businesses.  For example, much of his legal research now takes place online in giant databases that he pays to access.  He’s able to use those databases, spread out across multiple screens to help better research for cases he may be working on at the time.  In addition, he sometimes just uses the multiple monitors for purposes such as looking at email or browsing the web.  Regardless of the purpose, he’s found that having a multiple monitor desktop is a huge advantage, both on a personal and business level.

When I started talking with this particularly lawyer about where he purchased his multiple monitor desktop, he was very quick to respond, “”   “And why did you purchase from them?” I pressed.    He said that there were a few reasons that he felt like was the best place to buy a multiple monitor computer.  The top of which was because they’ve been in business longer than most of the other companies that specialize in multi-monitor computer systems.  But more than that, he said that when he called, he got to talk with someone that really knew what they were talking about.  They seemed to understand the ends and outs of multi-monitor computer systems.    On top of that, pricewise they are very competitive.  The closest competitor is thousands of dollars more for the system he bought.  I guess that’d be enough to make just about anyone select

If you’ve been considering a multiple monitor computer, then you are making a smart choice.  Companies of all types and sizes have been using multiple monitors to grow their business, increase productivity and accomplish more.  Buying a multiple monitor desktop from the right company is key, and after talking to someone that uses their multiple monitor computer for several common reason, it’s been determined that is the best place to purchase your multi-monitor desktop.  While you may still be undecided about what you need (exactly), you should give them a call and discuss you’re various needs.  They should be able to help you build a computer that meets whatever specifications you desire.