Multiple Monitor Software

While have multi-monitors has been shown to increase productivity it is important that

you have the correct multiple monitor software. There are many different choices many are available for free. Windows7 is one of many software options.

Display Fusion is one type of multiple monitor software that is easy to install has a taskbar for every monitor that looks like the windows’ taskbar. This software allows you to have different wallpaper on each monitor or have single wallpaper across the multiple monitors. It lets you move a running window to another screen. It allows you to maximize windows in any of the multiple monitors. The Display Fusion is available in two different versions: Free and Pro version.

UltraMon allows multiple monitors to be used to their fullest possible use. UltraMon makes it simple to move and resize windows across the desktop. With UltraMon multiple monitor software you can add an additional taskbar for each monitor. Each of the taskbars only shows the task on that particular monitor allowing the user to organize many different applications by showing which monitor the application will be on. UltraMon also has tabs that can be used to set an application’s position or to custom display settings during the running of an application. Ultramon 3.0 is available for free trial

Win Split is unique because instead of having the applications across multiple monitors, it shows each application by filling up complete screen with multiple windows. Windows are automatically resized, moved and reorganized. It has a virtual number keypad. It can be combined with the Display Fusion or Ultramon, to make it more efficient to use.

Dual display Mouse Manager

Dual display mouse manager slows down the mouse at the edges of the screen keeping it from overshooting the mouse to another screen. Dual display mouse manger is available for free as a download.  Multi-monitor mouse is similar to the dual display mouse. This multiple monitor program uses shortcuts with the keyboard.

Multi-Monitor Mouse is freeware

This multiple monitor software allows you to use one computers mouse and keyboard to control all of the monitors.  Synergy is available for Free.