Multiple Monitor Technology

So who exactly is using multiple monitor technology and why?  Bill Gates, creator of Windows, recently gave an interview with Fortune magazine in which talked about how multiple monitor technology had really transformed his office.  But no only it increases

productivity at the Gates camp, it also dramatically increased profits.  For Bill Gates this could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions.

For your business, there is very little that is different.  If you are trying to grow a business, but you or your employees aren’t yet using multiple monitor technology, then you are probably missing out on what could be one of the easiest ways to increase your productivity and overall increase your profits.  It’s not hard to do if you focus and work hard.

A few years ago, I was reading up on multiple monitor technology and was impressed by some of the figures that I read.  In fact there were reports that said that companies that used multiple monitor computers or let their employees use them could save big bucks every year.  I thought that not only is this interesting, this could be a real life saver for my company.  So I started doing more research.  As it turns out, companies that use multiple monitor technology tend to save 2-3 percent every year in labor because productivity increases and waste is reduced.    Now that may not sound like a huge number, but when you’re talking about even a mid-sized company, that can equate to a lot more than you might think.  In fact, for my company it would mean somewhere around $10,000 extra each year.  WOW.  There’s that vacation that my wife has been talking about.

So, like I said, I started looking into what it would take to get my company setup with some multi-monitor technology.  It won’t take a lot I know, but I wanted to feel out my different options and hopefully find the best deal.  So I started the normal route that any businessman would I suppose.  I checked with some of the big local retailers, like Best Buy and Office Depot.  While they do have computers, neither of the places really offered what I was looking for, so I decided to stay away.  Next, I decided to look into some local custom shops that build computers to your specific demands.  And while these guys did say they could build a multiple monitor computer for me, I didn’t feel like they really understood the technology.   It just seemed like they were going to stuff some run of the mill parts into their standard computer that they sold.  I didn’t feel comfortable with these guys.  They just seemed like they were out to make a buck and didn’t really understand what they were doing.  It was strange and somewhat weird.  I don’t understand how they are in business to be honest.

After that debacle, I decided to take a slightly different approach.  I started calling around town to some local business owners that I know.  I wanted to see if any of them were employing multiple monitor technology into their businesses.  It took a few frustrating hours on the phone, but eventually I did find a total of two businesses that were using multiple monitor technology.  I asked them if they would mind if I came by one day and saw who they were using the technology and ask a few questions.  They agreed.

The following week, I decided to stop by the first business owner’s shop and see how he was using the multiple monitor technology to improve his business.  His name was Ted, and he’s a day trader and employs five people.  He said that since the started using multiple monitors, his productivity hate shot up a little over three percent.  WOW!  And went on to say how it had made his work easier and how his employees loved have dual or triple screens so that they could get more done during the day.  They all seemed like very happy work bees.  I then asked some basic questions, like how hard were they to setup, where did he get his computers from etc.  Apparently, the process of setting them up was pretty actually.  He said that he got really go instructions and it only took about 15 minutes to get everything going.  “OK,” I thought.  This sounds like something that I can use.  As far as where he ended up buying his multi-monitor computers, he said that he had done the same thing as me.  He had shopped around town and even talked to some small computer shops, but like me he couldn’t find what he wanted.  So eventually, he said that he bought them from a website called  I told him thanks.

Next I went to the second business owner’s place of work and repeated the format that I talked about with the first business owner.  He too was employing multi-monitor technology.  He too said that he had shopped around town, but like the first business owner, he said that he end up buying online.  He again said that he bought from a company called   “Interesting,” I thought.  Another interesting thing that this business owner told me was that he was able to increase his profits rather dramatically because he was able to reduce waste in his work place.  This made a huge difference and he was really thrilled.  He too ordered from which I thought was pretty interesting.

In the end, I decided that the best move to make would be to order from as well.  I was actually very pleased with the overall service that I received.  Setting up my multiple monitor computer system was easy, and thanks to multi monitor technology we are now seeing increased productivity and profits.  I’m very pleased that we decided to use multiple monitors in my office.