Multiple Screen Computer

Using a multiple screen computer could be just the ticket that you company has been looking for, to increase your productivity and improve your company profits.  But don’t

take my word for it.  There have been countless reports done on the advantages of using a multiple screen computer.  Some people have claimed that it made a radical difference in the amount of work that they were able to do.  Believe it or not, the advantages are there and If you look at how it can help your business you will probably decide that go for a multiple screen computer is the best move for your business as well.  And the best part is that setting up a multiple monitor computer is not difficult at all.

Setting up a multiple monitor computer is actually pretty easy.  Depending on how many monitors you’d like to use, it can be done in a matter of a few minutes in most cases.  And many of us already have the hardware to do this ourselves.  Let’s start with those of us that don’t need to buy any extra hardware.  In particular, laptops typically have at least one additional video output, making it a simple plug and play operation.  You simply plug in your extra monitor, then go to control panel and enable the additional monitors.   In other situations, if you’d like to use multiple screens with your computer, then you may need to either install an additional video card, or use an adapter.

For laptop users and desktop users alike, using a multiple monitor adapter is an easy way to connect additional monitors to your computer.  Many people have found that this is the cheapest way to use additional monitors with their computer, especially with laptops, where adding an additional video card may prove particularly challenging.  The alternative, an adapter, is a cheap solution.  Simply plug in the adapter, and viola! You have additional monitors.  The most popular adapter around is called the DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go and it’s made by a company called Maxtor.  They have been around for quite some time and are considered industry leaders in multiple screen computer technology.

For those of you that would prefer to avoid using adapters, it’s understandable.  The downside is that they can be a big more expensive than additional video cards.  They also create yet another cord that you must hide on your desktop.  If you own a desktop computer and want to expand to a multiple screen computer, then the easiest bet is probably to add a few additional video cards, assuming that you have an extra PCI slot or 2.  Doing this isn’t all that hard, although opening up your computer may intimidate you.   Once you open up your computer, you simply need to check for additional slots in which you can insert an extra graphics card.  Once you’ve installed, then all you have to do is boot back up and go into windows control panel to configure your new monitors.

Now is the time to grow your business, and using a multiple screen computer is the way to do it.  Although many people don’t realize it, it’s actually quite easy to convert your single monitor computer into a multiple screen computer using a few tools.  One of the easiest way to do this is with multiple monitor adapters.  Another way that you can convert your single monitor computer into a multiple monitor computer is by installing a new graphics card.  Regardless of how you accomplish this, make sure you check out for all of your components and needs.