Multitasking Applications on Separate Monitors

If you use multiple applications then you probably know just how difficult this can be with an old single monitor setup.  It becomes both extremely challenging and time consuming to constantly switch between various applications that you might be using.  For this reason,

there is a serious advantage to multitasking applications on separate monitors.  It is more than just helpful, using multiple monitors is a time saving tool that will allow you do things that you never dreamed possible.  Multitasking applications on separate monitors is an amazing way to increase your revenues and reduce time wasted while working.  More and more people are moving to a setup that allows for easier multitasking by using a multiple monitor setup.  In fact, if you’re not moving towards this type of system, then quite frankly, you are behind the times.  Most people don’t realize just how much time is actually wasted because they aren’t currently multitasking applications on separate monitors. It is such a shame too, because as the economy worsens companies could be saving more money by using multiple screens.

I was recently visiting a friend and talking about the advantages of being able to use multitasking applications on separate monitors.  It was quite incredible how he mentioned that he was using a very similar concept.  He had a 4 monitor computer and with each monitor that he had set up, he ran a different application.   My friend and his employees had learned that multitasking applications on separate monitors was a huge advantage for him and his business.  He was able to help his business grow by reducing waste and increasing efficiency within his office.  This has been a huge perk for his business.

Recently, while at a conference in Las Vegas for FOREX traders, I talked with a guy that, like my friend which I have already mentioned above, used an 8 monitor computer in a very similar fashion.  He was using the 8 monitor computer for multitasking applications on separate monitors.  This was a huge perk, just like my friend, for his business as well.  Each monitor contained a specific application which was really helpful for him.  He said that since he started using a multi-monitor setup to multitask applications on separate monitors that he had noticed a sharp increase in the amount of productivity that he was able to do.  It has been a huge success for him. And I know that he’s extremely thrilled that he was able to start multitasking applications on separate monitors, much like the way he was able to understand the charts and graphs that he must read faster and more efficiently.

There are several ways that you can start employing this technology within your business, and the sooner that you start doing so the happier you’re going to be.  So what does it take to get a multiple monitor setup within your business?  Well the answer is very simple actually, and does not require as much technical information as you might originally.  It does, however, require you to consider what is that you are actually trying to accomplish and failure to do this will result in a poor piece of machinery that does not do what you would like for it to do.  So, for example, if you are a FOREX trader, you’ll probably want a minimum of 4 screens.  You can accomplish this in several ways, the easiest of which is purchase a computer that is already setup for at least 4 monitors.  You can imagine that you need a machine that is equipped to process quite a bit of data and do so fairly efficiently.  So first and foremost you need a powerful processor such as the Intel i5 or i7.  Next you need to consider how much RAM (memory) you’re going to need.  Once you know this then the next question would be, what video card you want to use.  You want to use powerful and efficient graphics cards that will be able to handle a lot of data.  You also want to have graphics cards that have at least 2 outputs each, as this will make it much to setup your multiple monitor computer.

Another way that you can get a multi-screen computer is to order from a company that specializes in multiple monitor computers.  There are a number of these companies around, but the best one is a company that’s called  You can browse their website if you are curious about what they provide, but an even better option is to give them a call and talk about how you’re to be multitasking applications on separate monitors.  Ordering this way will result in a better machine that more closely matches your needs.  I mean let’s face it, you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to computers.  You should consult with an expert before you make a purchase.  Now it is true that you will pay a bit of a premium to do so, but hey, it will be worth it in the long run and you’ll be really happy that you went with a company that know what they are doing.

You’ll also have to figure out what type of stand you want to use.  There are several ways that you can setup your computers for multitasking applications on separate monitors.  The most common ways tend to be the horizontal setup and the quad setup (for a 4-monitor computer.)  Either will work fine, but it really depends on the amount of space that you have available and how many monitors you think that you’ll need to start multitasking applications on separate monitors.  Don’t worry, if you’re not sure what to buy, you can always talk with the guys at about this as well.  They are experts and will know what to tell you to buy.

In summary, if you are considering multitasking applications on separate monitors you’re making a wise decision.  It is a decision that will benefit you and your business and result in greater growth, increased productivity and less time wasted at work.  Your employees will love you and your clients will love you even more.  But before you start multitasking applications on separate monitors you need to make sure you are getting the right multiple monitor computer system for your office.  For this reason it is highly recommended that before you make any purchase, you talk with someone that understands your goals and someone that can help you pick the right system.  Don’t think that just because you’re getting a multi-screen system that it is right for you.   Find an expert and make sure you get exactly what you need to  begin multitasking applications on separate monitors.