Music Recording Computer

You do not need a Mac to have a high quality music recording computer. In fact, it’s probably better if you avoid Apple and Mac altogether. The industry is getting away from them and as such you’re going to find a better variety of software and tools available for Windows 7 and beyond. Yes, I know, there are a lot of people in the music recording computer industry that like to shove Apple down your throat, but don’t listen to them. It’s easy to put your blinders on and start using something that isn’t as productive, because we are all susceptible to product placement and branding. Well I’m going to share with you a brand in a moment that really should be taken notice. I’m going to talk about a company that can help you design the perfect multiple monitor music recording computer.
So what type of computer should you be using as your music recording computer? Well, since we’ve called out the Apple conspiracy, let’s talk about better computers. Custom multiple monitor music recording computers are going to allow you to do more which means that you’ll be able to focus on make great music, not worrying about what your PC wants to do.
Some of the best names in the business have switched away from Mac and Apple and for good reason too!
They know that for far less money you can put together a better PC with multiple monitors that is perfect for recording music. If you make a living in the music industry then you are no dummy. You know that quality is everything. You also know that regardless of how expensive that Macbook costs you, you’re going to get more value out of your multiple monitor music recording computer.
Do you know where the experts are buying their recording computers? has been building custom machines for the music industry for quite some time and their customer base is growing. I don’t like to pigeon hole my suggestions to one company, but I’ve been very impressed with the way handled my order for a multiple monitor recording computer. They helped me determine exactly what it was that I needed and then helped me get it setup. And their staff was both friendly and helpful!
If you’ve been considering purchasing a music recording computer, don’t waste your money on a shiny Macbook Pro- you’ll just be wasting your money. Get a music recording computer that has multiple monitors and has been custom designed to meet your needs. You can find a high quality computer at and you’ll end up with a better computer for recording that has more features and will cost you less money. Don’t be foolish and waste your money. Get a better quality computer that meets your needs and costs you less. You’re music fans will thank you!