NEC Ultra Bezel 2x2x46inch LCD Multi-Monitor Wall 92inch Screen

The 46” NEC x461UN is a epitome of how a LCD wall should look and behave. Its ultra narrow bezel means the
space between screens is only 7.3 mm which is actually a 450% improvement from their last model. This is the perfect display for digital signage and broadcast because it can be deployed as part of a 10×10 frame (for a total of 100 displays!) That means a video wall of 645 square feet is possible, and because of the tiny bezel, it will look like one giant wall when necessary.
So what are some of the features of the NEC Ultra Bezel 2x2x46” LCD Multi-Monitor Wall 92” Screen? Let’s take it from the top, shall we? NEC uses professional grade LCD components, which means you get thermal protection unlike any other brand. The NEC Ultra Bezel 2x2x46” LCD Multi-Monitor Wall 92” Screen can also brag about its 1360 x768 WXGA resolution, which creates a true 16:9 ration- not to mention a maximum brightness of nearly 700cd/m2 and contrast ratio of 3000:1 (deep blacks anyone- and forget distraction by ambient light.)
NEC offers a feature that their competitors do not, automatic wall calibration- the result is a near perfect alignment and color. It works by automatically adjusting multiple displays used in a video wall so that color characteristics match better- this makes all of your panels combine for a near perfect example of a video wall.
If you have been considering construction a video wall, the NEC Ultra Bezel 2x2x46” LCD Multi-Monitor Wall 92” Screen is the perfect solution for those not afraid to buy the best. NEC means quality and performance. You can find this NEC product and many more at, where you’ll also find experts waiting to help you assemble the perfect solution for your business.