NEC X461HB 46” Screen – Why This Brand is Above and Beyond

NEC just has one of those brands that everyone seems to trust.  They’ve been around forever and everyone knows their name.  In fact, they were one of these first brands to offer up an LCD display a year or more before some of the other popular brands got in on the trend.  That’s why when they came out with NEC multisync LCD large screen display I got really excited.  This is one of a few of the major producers out there than can be combined with up to 100 other LCDs to make a multi-screen video wall.



There are a few features that I really appreciate when it comes to NEC, the first of which is the fact that it’s high-bright, professional grade panel gives a really charming display that’s bound to grab the attention of anyone looking in the right direction.  In fact, this display is about 130% brighter than previous generations of NEC’s displays, but it only consumes about 37% more power.    This brightness is part of what creates such a captivating image.  It comes with Digital Signage Technology Suite, which is great for setting up both indoor and the tougher outdoor displays that can be very demanding because of all the ambient light.


Thanks to NEC’s Tile Matrix technology, you can setup up to 100 of these displays considerably easier than without this technology.  This means that building your video wall in rather easy.  It doesn’t take a lot of specific know-how to put them together.  It’s also worth noting that third-party components are easily integrated, because there are plenty of expansion slots.    You can even add on speakers, a tuner (digital) and stands.  NEC also has a wall-calibrator for video wall calibration, which makes that setup much easier as well.


NEC has been around for a long time, which is why they are a trusted brand, especially when it comes to video wall technology.  They are well known as the leader of powerful video walls and the NEC X461HB 46” Screen is another prime example of why they are the leaders.