nVidia GeForce 8600GT 256MB GDDR3 PCI Ex16 (Dual DVI, SLI & HD)


Who’s buying this card and why?  NVidia actually released the nVidia GeForce 8600GT as a replacement for the older (and quite popular) nVidia GeForce 7600.  With the upgrade users were supposed to get a much higher quality performance, as well as DirectX 10 support.  This made the nVidei GeForce 8600 GT a popular replacement choice for gamers.  And in the reality, this card did manage to do both of these things as promised.  For gamers with a budget especially, this was a dream come true.

The problem, however, is that the Direct X 10 isn’t living up to its hype.  In fact, you’re unable to run Direct X at a frame rate above 1280×1024.  GeForce 8600 GT even had trouble delivering graphic intense DirectX 9.

However, let’s move on to the positive points with the nVidia GeForce 8600GT.  The texture fill rate was increased by 28.6 percent, while memory bandwidth remained the same at 22.4 GB/s.  The result is between 17-30 percent improvements over its predecessor.   And if you don’t mind running direct 9 applications and games and running them at lower resolutions like 1024×768, then this might be the absolute perfect card for you.

Overall, the nVidia GeForce 8600GT is a middle of the road quality card.  It didn’t have the performance improvements over its predecessor that we’d hoped for, but for less graphic intense applications, it still gets the job done and deserves a look when you are in the market for a new graphics card.