PC for Gaming

Do you play a lot of games on your computer or even on a gaming system such as Xbox or Playstation?  If so, I am wondering, have you considered using a PC for gaming instead?  There are multiple reasons why you might want to do this and I am going to go into the


reasons why a PC for Gaming is better than both a normal PC and a gaming system like Xbox or Playstation.  It is important to realize of course that everyone has a slightly different situation so for some it might actually be easier go with one of the above mentioned solutions.  However, for me, a PC for gaming has been one of the best decisions that I could have made.   It is been a real treat to play FPS (First Person Shooter) games using a mouse and keyboard, as opposed to a controller (which can be rather tricky at times.)  I’ve also noticed better speed and slightly more reliable hardware.  Sure, Microsoft makes good products, but being able to hand select the components that I wanted to use was a real plus.

Another advantage to having a PC for gaming is being able to run multiple monitors and create an really neat 3D feeling environment by using a horseshoe shaped continuous setup.  It is an awesome advantage that many of my opponents online don’t have and has led to increased winning when I do play.

There are some things that you need to consider though, before you run out and buy a PC for gaming.  The number one issue can be the cost.  If you end up doing what I did and buy the absolute best components then you can easily wind up paying considerably more than you would for even an above average computer.  This is a big deterrent for some people that simply can’t afford to piece the machine that they want to buy.  Another disadvantage is that you may not have the knowledge to put the computer together yourself.  If this is the case then you do have options, but it will end up costing you a bit more money- which again tends to be a big deterrent for people considering buying a PC for gaming.

So where can you find experts willing to help you piece together the perfect PC for gaming.   Well online there are quite a few options.  A good place to start is on gaming forums.  There are a lot of forums online that have experts on this type of stuff.  Talking with these guys can be a great way to figure out not only what you need to buy, but if a gaming computer is right for you in the first place.  Of course you should beware that sometimes the guys on these forums can also be a little snooty and may not be all that willing to help.  Definitely consider using the search function within each individual help before making new threads, as making new threads in a great way to get flamed and not given any good information.

Another option, albeit a slightly more expensive option (so it is definitely not for everyone), is to use a company such as multi-monitors.com to help build your PC for gaming.  The guys at multi-monitors.com tend to really know their stuff.  The advantage to going with them is that you’re going to be able to customize your computer to the exact specifications that you want.  This is a huge advantage over having to go to newegg.com and guess at which parts might work best.  It will save you hours and hours of research that you would need to do to put together the perfect system.  This is the option that I recommend, unless you are a little more technical and computer savy.