Planar SD1710 | 17inch LCD SXGA Stereoscopic / 3D Monitor System

The Planar SD1710 17 inch LCD SXGA Stereoscopic 3D Monitor system is the perfect

Planar 3D-SD1710-2T

solution for those looking for a 3D monitor system with quality.  And compared to its cousin, the 26 inch SD2620W, the price is quite reasonable as well.  It brags of having two AMLCD 17 inch SXGA 1280×1024 monitors that boast a 5 ms response time.  This is the type of stereo image quality that professionals demand and deserve.

And since it uses existing stereo modes in Windows, DirectX or Open GL, it is simple to work into you system.  According the folks at Planar, the SD1710 is a workhorse, featuring both analog and digital inputs.  The end result is pure digital imagery and a magnificent display.

Additionally, the quad stand offers swivel, tilt and pivot adjustments which mean less neck and eyestrain because you can adjust the absolute perfect and quality without so much as having to twist around move.  This is key for those long projects that become strenuous and painful.  Well no more because the Planar SD1710 corrects many of these issues simply with these feature.

If you are in the market for a solid 3D monitor system, then the Planar SD1710 17 inch LCD SXGA Stereoscopic 3D monitor system is a solid choice for any professional.  It will serve you well and you muscle through those 3D charts and designs to finish your upcoming projects!