Play Poker Online with Multiple Monitors

When you first start playing poker, it seems like every decision takes forever, but after a while you really learn to read the play quickly and make smart decisions over a very short period of time. Once you
master this skill, playing on only one table seems boring. In fact, if you watch the experts, you’ll notice that most of them have multiple tables going at once at nearly all times. If the guys that just play high stakes heads up poker like to use multiple screens. You’ll find that as you progress in your game, playing multiple screens does more than just make you game run smoother- you can greatly increase you profits because you’ll be increasing your number of hands. Some players even manage to play as many as 20 tables at one time. They do this using a series of multiple monitors that are connected to a multiple monitor computer, but more on that in a minute.

So why would you want to multi-table? Doesn’t that increase your margin of error? Well the short answer is no. A focused and skilled player doesn’t rely on luck; they use skill and math to make solid decisions when they play poker. So let’s do some math, shall we? If you are a solid player and you expect roughly 20% ROI in tournaments or 4 big blinds in normal ring games that mean that you’ll only end up making $2-5 per hour. Now that might be fine if you live in India or the Philippians, but in the US that’s a fraction of minimum wage. You could up your stakes, but keep in mind that as you move up your stakes into better fields; you’ll end up making a lower return. So the key is using multiple monitors and playing many low limit games at once. While it may sound amazing to a beginner that there are guys that can play 10 or more tables at once, with a little skill and a multiple monitor computer, this really isn’t that difficult.

Multi-tabling with multiple monitors is simply playing more than one table at once. For the big guys it may be 2 or 4 heads up games, but for those just starting out the easiest type of game to multi-table is small tournaments, such as a $5 or $10 sit and go. Why is this easier than say a ring game? Well, with tournaments you generally don’t have to rely on reads and every little play as much. Sit and Go tournaments are much more about following the flow of the tournament and knowing when to push your chips around. And some more good news, nearly every poker site around will allow its players to multi-table with multiple monitors or just with a single monitor too.

So what kind of computer do you need if you want to multi-table with multiple monitors? Well obviously you need a system that’s going to be fast enough to handle all of your monitors and run the computer software. I suggest no less than a Pentium i5 and 4 gigabytes of RAM or memory. You also need a solid graphics card that can handle multiple monitors, such as an NVidia or an ATI- both of these companies are excellent and make graphics cards specifically for multiple monitor computers. You also need to make sure that you have high resolution monitors. There is nothing worse than trying to read cards on a low resolution monitor, so make sure you stick with 1080p.

If you can’t afford an expensive computer or graphics card you have some other options as well. Matrox makes an awesome product called the DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go. This is an adapter that makes it possible to connect multiple monitors to a single computer with a USB output. This is an awesome choice for someone using a laptop that might not want to upgrade, or just someone who doesn’t want to do a hardware install on their computer. Either way, using the TripleHead2Go is an easy way to add 3 additional monitors to your laptop.

Next you need to consider what type of arrangement you want to set your monitors up in when you have your computer ready to go. There are several different types of arrangements that tend to work pretty well. First you have the horizontal or side-by-side arrangement. This works great for some people especially with 3 monitors or less. You can also setup a vertical arrangement or stacked- one monitor on top of the other. While there are those that prefer this arrangement, I don’t care for it. And then there are those that use a stand that stacks the monitors 2 or 3 high and 3 or 4 side by side. Depending on how many poker tables you plan on playing at once, this may be the best option for you. Regardless of what you decide to do, you will find that there are special stands for every type of arrangement you can imagine and even companies that will custom build and design your stand for you! This is exactly what some people need, and they can’t use one of the above mentioned arrangements for the multiple monitors for whatever reason. You can check out some pictures and hopefully get a feel for what you like.

If you’re not sure what you need, you always have the option of going with a company that specializes in multiple monitor computers (for poker players and otherwise.) One such company is They are leaders in the multiple monitor field and can help you figure out exactly what you need to make your multi-tabling poker venture a success.

Hopefully this article was helpful and you now better understand what multi-tabling is and how you can master it and make more money at online poker. To be a success, having a multiple monitor computer is certainly a key to winning.