Quad Monitor Display

Have you been putting together a quad monitor display?  If so, consider using the ATI FIREMV 2450 Workstation graphics card.  Why?  Because the ATI FIREMV 2450 Workstation graphics card is the latest of ATI’s multi-view series and is designed for multiple displays.  It will handle your quad monitor display with ease.  ATI is known for not only reliability and stability, but direct support from the company itself.

What makes the ATI FIREMV 2450 Workstation graphics card so special?  It is a low profile dual GPU video card that includes quad output support for both DVI and VGA.  It also includes 512 MB of on board RAM, aiding in the smooth run of whatever type of applications you may need to run.  And because it’s low profile, you know that this card is going to work in your system.

Need to run maximize the card’s use in Linux?  How about Windows XP or Windows Vista?  No problem!  The ATI FIREMV 2450 Workstation graphics card will work in each of those systems thanks to a unified direr which supports ATI FirePro workstation products.  The means installation and maintenance are both a breeze for your quad monitor display.

Where can you find the ATI FIREMV 2450 Workstation graphics card?  Check out this website: multi-monitors.com for the best price.  It sells there for $379, as opposed to the $499 that you would end up paying elsewhere.  They are easily the best priced around on the web.

If you’ve been considering building a quad monitor display, then consider using an ATI FIREMV 2450 Workstation graphics card as your main source for graphics.  ATI is a powerful provider that put out only the finest quality products on the market.  You won’t


be disappointed in your choice to go with ATI.  It’s robust power will be more than you need to run you quad monitor display and may only leave you asking, why didn’t I upgrade to a quad monitor display sooner.  Indeed it is a powerful piece of machinery that will help your business and computer excel and take you to places in the computing world that you never thought were possible prior to installing the ATI FIREMV 2450 Workstation graphics card.