Samsung SCB-4000 1/2″ High Resolution XDR Camera

The Samsung SCB-4000 ½ inch high resolution XDR camera is a high resolution day and night time camera.  It has an A1 chip set and also a ½ inch Ex-View HAD CCD sensor.  So

what does that mean?  Well essentially, even in very minimal light (as low as 0.1 lux, which trust me is very low) you still get a resolution of up to 600TVL (which trust me again, is very good.)

This camera uses a technology called extended dynamic range and which allows the SCB-4000 to deliver ultra sharp and high resolution images, clearly visible, even in the lowest of light.  It also uses dynamic noise reduction (the image type, not the audio type) which 3D and 2D filter corrects images.  This fixing any blurring that might occur.

Another advantage is the backlight compensation of the camera which adjusts automatically to get the absolute best exposure when the object of focus is in front of a bright light.  As you can imagine this has advantages for day time security captures as well as night.

And on top of these features, Digital Image Stabilization offers steady pictures by adjusted when needed to compensate for movement caused by external stimuli.  Picture in Picture is also available (sometimes referred to as PIP) and this allow you to display to images simultaneously.

As you can see the Samsung SCB-4000 has some pretty awesome advantages and is a fine camera to use for both indoors and (covered) outdoors protection.  It will provide you with an ultra sharp view of the events occurring in and around your property.  I can say from personal experience that this is an absolutely fine camera to use for general security.  And as Ferris Bueller would say, “If you have the means I do suggest you acquire one.”  Or in this case, you might want to acquire several.